Physiology Solved MCQS Past Papers

Physiology Solved MCQS Past Papers

Cell membrane is composed of proteins and lipids.

Ribosomes have 60% RNA in their structure.

Rigors mortis leads to rigidity of body muscles.

GFR normally decreased by increasing Bowman’s capsule hydrostatic pressure.

ADH increase permeability of distal tubule to creatinine.

Proerythroblast is the first cell that can be identified as belongings to RBC series.

Vitamin K is required by liver for normal formation of Fibrin.

Two antigens type-A and type-B are present on surface of RBC’s.

Decreased oxygen availability to tissues causes local vasodilation.

Cardiac output is equal to stroke volume (SV)heart Rate(HR).

Cretinism is characterized by failure of mental growth.

Preoptic area of hypothalamus is concerned with regulation of body temperature.

Optic disc in retina has no blood vessels.

Sympathetic stimulation causes pupillary dilation.

Intension tremors occur in disease of limbic system.