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STS Solved Past Papers pdf download online test preparation bps 5 to 15. STS bps 5 to 15 online mcqs practice test and mock tests free. STS bps 5 to 15 Sample Papers.

1. Reuters is the news agency of
Ans. United Kingdom

2. Quid-e-Azam’s mother tongue was
Ans. Gujarati

3. The oldest news agency in the world
Ans. AFP

4. The first Secretary General of United Nations was?
Ans. Trygue Lie

5. The world’s Largest Lake is?
Ans. Caspian Sea

6. The Earth’s second Largest ocean is?
Ans. Atlantic

7. Taka is the Currency of ?
Ans. Bangladesh

8. The Nobel Prize has been awarded in how many fields?
Ans. 6

9.What was the nationality of Alfred Nobel?
Ans. Swedish

10.World’s famous bridge “Golden Gate” is in?
Ans. San Francisco

11. Vienna is the capital of ?
Ans. Austria

12.The biggest Island of the World is?
Ans. Greenland

13. The headquarter of Amnesty International is in?
Ans. London

14.The deepest part of the Earth is?
Ans. Mariana Trench

15. Suez Canal is between ?
Ans. Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea

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