PSC Civil Service Commission Exam Test MCQs Questions with Answers

PSC Civil Service Commission Exam Test MCQs Questions with Answers

26. Choose the correct combination

a. Typewriter: Remington
b. Dynamite: Dunlop
c. Evolution: Darwin
d. Aeroplane: Harway

27. Who invented the ball point pen?

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a. Waterman
b. Oscar
c. Wilson
d. Lazlo Biro

28. Blaze Pascal is associated with

a. Calculating machine
b. Computer
c. Cinema
d. None of these

29. Wright Brothers are regarded inventors of the

a. Balloon
b. Bicycle
c. Aeroplane
d. None of these

30. Which of the following pairs is incorrect?

a. Roentgen: X-ray
b. Newton: Law of gravitation
c. Faraday: Diffusion of gases
d. Pasteur: Bacteriology

31. Philology is the

a. Study of bones
b. Study of muscles
c. Study of architecture
d. Study of languages

32. Anatomy is the branch of science which deals with

a. Structure of animals and plants
b. Functioning of body organs
c. Animal behavior
d. Cells and tissues

33. Study of earthquakes is known as

a. Ecology
b. Seismology
c. Numismatics
d. None of these

34. Ecology deals with

a. Birds
b. Cell formation
c. Relation between Organisms and their environment
d. Tissues

35. Meteorology is the science of

a. Weather
b. Meteors
c. Metals
d. Earthquakes

36. Oncology is the study of

a. Birds
b. Cancer
c. Mammals
d. Soil

37. Study of life in outer space is known as

a. Endobiology
b. Exobiology
c. Enterobiology
d. Neobiology

38. Numismatics is the study of

a. Coins
b. Numbers
c. Stamps
d. Space

39. Eugenics is the study of

a. Altering humans beings by changing their genetic components
b. People of European origin
c. Different races of mankind
d. Genetics of plants

40. Ornithology is the

a. Study of bones
b. Study of birds
c. Study of smells
d. None of these

41. Who invented the Doctor?s thermometer?

a. Fahrenheit
b. Edison
c. Galileo
d. None of these

42. The velocity of light was first measured by

a. Einstein
b. Newton
c. Romer
d. Galileo

43. Who proposed the chemical evolution of life?
c. Haechel .

44. The telephone was invented by
b. Alexander Graham Bell

45. Who among the following evolved the concept of relationship between mass and energy?
a. Einstein

48. Robert Koch worked on
a. Tuberculosis

49. Who discovered Uranus?
a. Herschel

50. Who among the following is associated with the invention of computers?
b. Babbage


26. c 27. d 28. a 29. c 30. c
31. d 32. a 33. b 34. c 35. a
36. b 37. b 38. a 39. a 40. b
41. a 42. c 43. c 44. b 45. a
46. d 47. c 48. a 49. a 50. b

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