Provincial Planning Services KPK Syllabus Past Papers

Provincial Planning Services KPK Syllabus Past Papers Test Pattern and Paper Distribution. Kppsc syllabus for provincial planning services officers (bps-17) competitive examination.

Following five compulsory papers and viva voice as per the details given:

S.No Name of Subject Maximum Marks

1. English (Precis & Composition) 100

2. English Essay 50

3. General Knowledge 150

4. Islamiat / Pakistan Studies (in case of non-muslims) 50

5. Economics 100

6. Viva Voce 50

Total Marks 500

(1) A candidate shall answer the papers in English unless otherwise directed. However, the paper of Islamiat and Pakistan Studies (in case of non-muslims) may be answered in Urdu or English.

(2) In case of non-muslims, the paper of Pakistan Studies shall be taken in place of Islamiat.

(3) No candidate shall be summoned for viva voce test unless he/she has obtained at least forty percent (40%) marks in each individual written paper and fifty percent (50%) in aggregate of written portion of examination.

(4) No candidate shall be considered to have qualified the examination unless he/she also obtains at least thirty percent (30%) marks in viva voce. Failure in or absence from viva voce shall mean that the candidate has failed to qualify for appointment and his/her name shall not be included in the merit list.

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