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Physics MCQs Questions Answers for SAT Test

Physics MCQs Questions Answers for SAT Test download in pdf

1.When a body receives radiation in the wavelength range 0.1 μm to 100 μm then its temperature.
A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. Does not change
D. Unpredictable

2.The Stefan-Boltzmann constant has the units of .
A. W/m.K4
B. W/m2.K4
C. J/m2.K4
D. W/m2.K2

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3.The sun emits maximum radiation of 0.52 μm. Assuming the sun to be a black body then the surface temperature of the sun is.
A. 2345K
B. 5573K
C. 9847K
D. 6492K

4.The energy emitted by a black surface should not vary in accordance with.
A. Wavelength
B. Temperature
C. Surface characteristics
D. Time

5.Likewise the amount of emitted radiation is strongly influenced by the wavelength even if the temperature of the body is.
A. Increasing
B. Decreasing
C. Constant
D. It is not related with temperature

6.The full range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation is called.
A. Visible light
B. Radio wave
C. Invisible light
D. Electromagnetic spectrum

7.Infrared rays have a shorter wavelength than.
A. X-rays
B. Ultraviolet rays
C. Radio waves
D. Gamma waves

8.A photon has energy of 1.10 x 10-13 J. The frequency of the photon is.
A. 1.66 x 1020 Hz
B. 1.66 x 10-12 m
C. 1.66 x 10-20 Hz
D. 1.66 x 10-20 m

9.Increase in temperature of a body is proportional to.
A. Amount of heat absorbed
B. Amount of heat evolved
C. Density of substance
D. Average K.E

10.How does the intensity of light affect the photo-electric current.
A. As the intensity increases, the photo-electric current decreases
B. As the intensity increases, the photo-electric current increases
C. As the intensity decreases, the photo-electric current decreases
D. NO effect

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