Physics 40 Important Solved MCQs for PMC MDCAT Entry Test

Physics 40 Important Solved MCQs for PMC MDCAT Entry Test

Q.1 Which one is the highest power multiple?

Q.2 SI unit of charge is _______.

Q.3 The electrical analog of mass is electricity is _________.

Q.4 Force on a current carrying conductor in a uniform magnetic field is
F = ILB sin α

Q.5 Life time of electron in metastable state is about _________.
10-8 sec

Q.6 The torque acting on a current carrying coil is given by _____________.
τ = NIAB cos α

Q.7 The grid in the cathode ray oscilloscope _____________.
Controls the brightness of spot formed

Q.8 The horizontal range of a projectile, at a certain place, is completely determined by
The angle of projection

Q.9 If velocity is double, then.
Momentum increases 2 times and K.E increases 4 times

Q.10 The consumption of energy by 60-watt bulb in 2 seconds is:
120 J

Q.11 In transistors, the base region is very thin, of the order of
10-6 m

Q.12 The closed loop gain of OP-AMP depends on
Externally connected resistances

Q.13 The net charge on an N-type substance is
0.7 volts

Q.14 The value of Wien’s constant is
2.90 x 10-3 mK

Q.15 The minimum frequency below which no electron is emitted from the metal surface is called
Threshold frequency

Q.16 In pair production, the type of photon used

Q.17 The life time of an electron in an excited state is about 10-8 s. What is its uncertainty in energy during this time?
1.05 x 10-26 J

Q.18 Velocity of electron moving in first orbit of hydrogen is
2.19 x 106 m/sec

Q.19 LASER is a potential energy source for inducing which type of reaction?

Q.21 The substances like germanium and silicon have
Negative temperature coefficients

Q.22 The sensitivity of a galvanometer can be decreased by
Increasing c BAN Ration

Q.23 The principle of homogeneity of dimensions determines
Correctness of an equation

Q.24 For a body to be in complete equilibrium
Linear acceleration and angular acceleration both should be zero

Q.25 If length of a spanner is ‘I’ and a force ‘F’ is applied on it to tighten a nut such that it passes through the pivot point, then torque is

Q.26 Which one of the following is a postulate of kinetic theory of gases?
Molecules do not exert force on each other

Q.27 Which one is not an irreversible process?
Slow compression of a gas into a cylinder

Q.28 Electric intensity is a vector quantity and its direction is A) Perpendicular to the direction of field C) At a certain angle B) Opposite to the direction of force D) Along the direction of force

Q.29 The magnitude of an electric field between two separated plates can be calculated by the relation
E = d ΔV

Q.30 SI unit of electric flux is

Q.31 If a force of 12 N acts on a car and changes its momentum from 36 kgm/sec to 60 kgm/sec, the time during which this change occurs will be
2 sec

Q.32 Which one of the following is a non-conservative force?
Frictional force

Q.33 Value of escape velocity for the surface of the earth is 11 km/sec. Its value for surface of the moon is
2.4 km/sec

Q.34 The equivalent current which passes from a point at higher potential to a point at a lower potential as if it represented a movement of positive charges is
Conventional current

Q.35 In a simple pendulum, the tension of the string is
mg sin θ

Q.36 Two sound waves having the same amplitudes are moving in the same direction are out of phase. The amplitude of the resultant wave is
Zero amplitude

Q.37 A source ‘Y’ of unknown frequency produces 4 beats with a source of 240 Hz and 8 beats with a sound of 252 Hz. Frequency of the source ‘Y’ is
244 Hz

Q.38 An organ pipe closed at one end has a length of 25 cm. Wavelength of the fundamental note is
100 cm

Q.39 Which one of the following lights travels fastest in optical fibers?
Invisible infrared light

Q.40 An oscillating body is at mean position at t = 0. At t = T/4 it will be at
Extreme position