Physical Geology Geo morphology MCQs Sample Questions Test

Physical Geology Geo morphology MCQs Sample Questions Test
1. Physical weathering is NOT characteristic of :
a) Polar Regions
b) Hot desers
c) Cold deserts
d) None of the above
2. Exfoliation is a form of
a) Physical weathering
b) Chemical weathering
c) Biochemical weathering
d) Mass wasting
3. Exfoliation is most characteristically found in
a) Granites
b) Spilites
c) Arkoses
d) Orthoquartzites
4. Which one of the following places is more likey to be affected by chemical weathering ?
a) Thar disert
b) Tibetan plstenu
c) Leh
d) Siwalik
5. Mass wasting or “gravitative transfer” is NOT a result of
a) Vertical movements
b) Lateral movements
c) Diagonal movements
d) Spiral movements
6. Lateral movements of a series of block a way from a centre is described as
a) Sliding
b) Gliding
c) Spreading
d) Cambering
e) Flow
7. The slow downslope movements of saturated rock debris which is NOT confined to definite
channels is described as
A) Debris slide
B) Mud flow
C) Solifluction
D) Soil creep
8. Which of the following does not result from the lateral movements of rok debris ?
A) Spreading
B) Solifluction
C) Cambering
D) Sackung
9. Solifluction and Gelifluction were the important processes of mass wasting during
A) Archaean
B) Proterozoic
C) Miocene
D) Pliocene
E) Pliestocene
10. Mushroom shaped structures having slender colum and wide tops resulting form the
abrasice action of wind are described as
A) Ventifacts
B) Brazil nulls
C) Pedestal rocks
D) Draas
11. Wich of the following fracture denote furrow defluation?
A) Hohlwegs
B) Desert pavemots
C) Blow outs
D) Playas
12. Wich of the following is NOT are erosional feature of wind?
A) Zeugen
B) Yardang
C) Serir
D) Hohlweg
13. Loess is a non-stratified, well-sorted Aeolian deposit composed of _____ grade fragments
A) Sand
B) Silt
C) Clay
D) Pebble
14. The Aeolian features that have been noticed in the planet mars are
A) Zeugens
B) Yardangs
C) Inselbergs
D) Barchans
15. Flat topped hills or small mountains formed by stream action are colled
A) Mesas
B) Buttes
C) Cuestas
D) Stream terraces

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