General Geology Geo Tectonics MCQs Sample Questions Practice Test

General Geology Geo Tectonics MCQs Sample Questions Practice Test

1. The time taken for light form the sun to reach the earth is :
a) 499.720 secs
b) 499.012 secs
c) 489.720 secs
d) 489.012 secs

2. The most powerful radio object in the universe after the sun is/are :
a) Black Holes
b) Quasars
c) Jupiter
d) Venus

3. Which of the following plantes show the same “siz-bearing”?
a) Earth-Mars
b) Earth-Venus
c) Mars-venus
d) Venus-Mercury

4. Which of the following possess both stellar and planetary characterstics?
a) Jupiter
b) Venus
c) Saturn
d) Pluto

5. The Asteroid belts-area between Mars and Jupiter-extends from:
a) 2.2 to 3.6 A.U
b) 2.2 to 4.8 A.U
c) 3.6 to 4.8 A.U
d) 4.8 to 6.4 A.U

6. Which of the following panets has he least density ?
a) Earth
b) Mars
c) Venus
d) Saturn
e) Pluto

7. The difference between the equatorial and polar diameters of the Earth is :
a) 21 km
b) 43 km
c) 56 km
d) 28 km

8. The Mohorovicic discontinuity is a :
a) Copmositional boundary
b) Phase-change boundary
c) Compositional as well as phase change boundary
d) None of the above

9. Beneath the oceans, the MOHO lie at a depth of :
a) 7-9 km
b) 10-12 km
c) 14-16 km
d) 20-25 km

10. The temperature of the MOHO beneath the continues range from:
a) 150c – 200c
b) 200c – 500c
c) 500 – 700
d) 700 – 900c

11. Olypus Mo s, the largest known volcano in the Solar System s found on the surface of :
a) Earth
b) Moon
c) Mars
d) Jupiter

12. The “Nebular Hypothesis” was proposed by :
a) Kant
b) Laplace
c) Kant and Laplace together
d) Kant and :aplace independently

13. The spacing of planets is best explained by :
a) Dynamic Enconter theory
b) Planetesimal byupothesis
c) Nebular Hyposthesis
d) Tidal hvnothesis

14. The Ingleman discontinuity lies at a depth of :
a) 2900 km
b) 3160 km
c) 4980 km
d) 5200 km

15. The Earth’s crust is thickest under :
a) Shield areas
b) Platfoms
c) Phenerozoic orogenic belts
d) Archaen greenstone belts

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