PAF Education Instructor Physics Solved MCQS Test

PAF Education Instructor Physics Solved MCQS Test Preparation download in pdf from past papers

1. The S.I. unit for intensity of light is;

2. The number of base units are;

3. Two forces of magnitude F act perpendicular to each other. The angle made by resultant force with the horizontal will be
45 degree

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4. S.I unit of solid angle is

5. The horizontal component of a projectile throughout its motion
remains constant

6. When the body is moving with constant acceleration then instantaneous acceleration is equal to
Average acceleration

7. The total change in momentum of an isolated system is

8. When heavy body collides elastically with light body at rest, velocity of light body after collision
becomes double

9. K.E can be defined as the dot product of
avg. momentum and velocity

10. 15 joules of work is done in 5 s, the power is equal to
3 watt

11. If speed of a body is doubled, then its K.E
becomes four times

12. The escape velocity of the object from the earths is
11 km/s

13. When a body is rotating with constant angular velocity, it tangential acceleration is

14. A diver changes his body position to conserve the
angular momentum

14. When a body is moving in upward direction with an acceleration ‘a’, it apparent weight

15. Which of the following has minimum viscosity

16. The device used for the measurement of liquid flow is
venturi meter

17. The low value of the normal human blood pressure is called
Diastolic pressure

18. The speed of sound is greater in solids due to high

19. The waves of equal frequency traveling in opposite direction give rise to
stationary waves

20.At the open end of an organ pipe
anti-node is formed

21.Fixed ends of a vibrating string are

22. The velocity of light was determined accurately by:

23. In case of point source the shape of wave front is

24. The phenomena of interference of light is a
wave characteristics

25.The least distance of distinct vision for a normal eye is
25 cm

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