NTS SBP State Bank of Pakistan OG-2 Sample Past Papers

NTS SBP State Bank of Pakistan OG-2 Sample Past Papers MCQS Test Prepartion pdf

Questions 1-3 are based on the following passage.
Young people must be educated in modern science, its methods and its mental attitudes. Without this education, they will find the modern world utterly incomprehensible. However, they cannot be good citizens of the world, or of their own national state, unless they are intellectually and imaginatively aware of the values, which underlie human beliefs, motives and conduct. In this troubled period of human history, religion and the humanities are as vital as science to the education of good members of a good society.

1. “Incomprehensible” can best be replaced by:
A. understandable
B. explicable
C. reasonable
D. beyond your understanding

2. “Troubled period of human history” refers to:
A. primitive times
B. modern times
C. good times
D. bad times
3. The discussion of “values” in the passage serves primarily to illustrate the importance of education of:
A. modern sciences
B. religion or humanities
C. religion and humanities
D. modern sciences along with religion and humanities

Each question below consists of a related pair of words, followed by other lettered pairs of words. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.

A. stenographer: typewriter
B. painter: brush
C. lawyer: brief
D. tailor: scissors
A. biography: accurate
B. melody: spoken
C. poem: rhythmic
D. anthem: patriotic

Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.

A. supplement
B. strange
C. direct route
D. understatement

Identify the word or phrase that needs to be changed for the sentence to be correct:

7. The chef herself will be creating the grand finale of the
A                                                    B
celebration: an extraordinary cake smothered in strawberries and
being topped with freshly whipped cream. No error
C                                      D                                               E

Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.

A. cordial
B. arrogant
C. unfriendly
D. volatile

A. compel
B. bright
C. reject
D. light
A. strife
B. annoyance
C. cruelty
D. mischief

“Uncle” said Luke to the old Sean “You seem to be well fed, though I know no one looks after you. Nor have I seen you leave your residence at any time. Tell me how you manage it?”
“Because” Sean replied, “I have a good feed every night at Emperor’s orchard. After dark, I go there myself and pick out enough fruits to last a fortnight.”
Luke proposed to accompany his uncle to the orchard. Though reluctant because of Luke’s habit of euphoric exhibition of extreme excitement, Sean agreed to take him along. At the orchard while Sean hurriedly collected the fruits and left, Luke on the other hand at the sight of unlimited supply of fruits was excited and lifted his voice which brought Emperor’s men immediately to his side. They seized him and mistook him as the sole cause of damage to the orchard. Although Luke reiterated that he was a bird of passage, they pounded him mercilessly before setting him free.

11. How often did Sean visit the orchard?
A. Daily
B. Weekly
C. Once in a month
D. Every day after midnight
12. Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word
“Reluctant” used in the passage.
A. Against
B. Resistant
C. Opposed
D. Disinclined
                                                       ANALYTICAL SKILLS
13. Insert the missing number:

A. 7
B. 14
C. 28
D. 29

14. ABCD is related to OPQR in the same way as WXYZ is related to

15. A farmer had 20 hens. All but 2 died. How many hens are still alive?
A. 18
B. 16
C. 2
D. 4

According to Albert Einstein’s famous theory of relativity, time travel is theoretically possible. Assuming that time travel were to be made possible through some technological breakthrough, it would be advantageous to send someone back in time to prevent the assassination of Archduke Franz
Ferdinand in 1914 and thus keep World War I from ever occurring.

16. The argument above makes which of the following assumptions?
A. It is not possible to alter a significant current in world history merely by changing a single event.
B. The technology necessary for time travel is likely to be developed in the near future.
C. If Franz Ferdinand had not been assassinated, some other catalytic event would have led to the start of World War I.
D. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand was the crucial event that triggered the start of World War I.

Questions 17-20
A farmer is preparing fruit boxes. Each box will contain exactly two kinds of dry fruits to be selected from F, G and H and exactly three kinds of fresh fruits to be selected from P, Q, R, S and T, with the following restrictions:
G cannot be in the same fruit box as T.
P cannot be in the same fruit box as S.
Q cannot be in the same fruit box as T.

17. If G is included in a fruit box, which of the following is a kind of fruit that
must also be included?
A. F
B. H
C. P
D. Q
E. S

18. If H is not included in a particular fruit box, any of the following kinds of fruits can be included EXCEPT:
A. P
B. Q
C. R
D. S
E. T
19. Which of the following kinds of fruits must be included in each of the
fruit boxes?
A. F
B. G
C. H
D. P
E. R

20. If T is included in a fruit box, the box must also include which of the
following kinds of fruit?
A. F and G
B. F and H
C. G and H
D. P and R

In a Montessori classroom, there are eighteen chairs in three rows A, B and C, six chairs to a row. The chairs are red, yellow and blue in color. The number of red chairs in the classroom is exactly twice the number of yellow chairs.

Each row contains at least one blue chair.
21. Each of the following could be the number of red chairs in the class room except:
A. 5
B. 6
C. 8
D. 10
E. 4
22. If row A contains exactly one blue chair and no red chair, the number of red chairs in row C must be:
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 1
E. 2
                                                         PAKISTAN ECONOMY
23. The major government policies that can be used to pursue its macroeconomic goals are:
A. fiscal policy and debt policy
B. fiscal policy and monetary policy
C. fiscal policy, debt policy and monetary policy
D. fiscal policy, monetary policy and subsidies

24. In Pakistan, apex regulator of insurance sector is:
A. State Bank of Pakistan
B. Controller of Insurance
C. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
D. Ministry of Commerce

25. A Central Bank differs from a commercial bank in that:
A. It is the bank of the state
B. It has no branches
C. It has administrative control over other banks
D. It has largest reserves

26. Credit granted from one business to another is treated as:
A. Trade Credit
B. Funds
C. Short Term Financing
D. Cash Managements

27. All of the following are forms of business organizations EXCEPT:
A. Proprietorship
B. Corporation
C. Retailer
D. Partnership

28. Net income plus operating expenses is equal to:
A. Gross profit
B. Cost of goods sold
C. Cost of goods available for sale
D. Net sales
29. The World Bank defines extreme poverty as living on less than_______________?
A. 1 dollar per day
B. 2 dollars per day
C. 3 dollar per day
D. None of these

30. Absolute poverty refers to a set standard which is consistent over time
A. in a county
B. between countries
C. for a decade
D. None of these

31. The unemployment rate is the:
A. employed plus unemployed divided by labor force
B. total employment divided by population
C. labor force divided by population
D. unemployed divided by employed

32. What is National debt or public debt?
A. State’s borrowing from its population
B. State’s borrowing from foreign government
C. state’s borrowing from international institution
D. All of these

33. Investment is:
A. The purchase of goods and services
B. The purchase of capital equipment and structures
C. When we place our saving in the bank
D. The purchase of stocks and bonds

34. Which banking is not a business segment of industry:
A. Retail banking
B. Wholesale banking
C. Wealth Management
D. Internet banking

35. _________ Bank has been awarded the license to become the first
Pakistani bank to offer financial services to clients in Beijing, China?
A. Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
B. Meezan Bank Limited (MBL)
C. Askari Bank Limited (ABL)
D. United Bank Limited (UBL)

36. Due to Covid-19, Pakistan announced an Economic Stimulus Package of:
A. Rs 200 billion
B. Rs 640 billion
C. Rs 1240 billion
D. Rs 1840 billion

37. Government of Pakistan’s fiscal policy denotes the use of government’s:
A. taxes and expenditure
B. consumption and investment
C. taxes and revenue
D. consumption and expenditure

38. Tax collection and expenditures are included in the government’s _____policy.
A. Administrative
B. Revenue
C. Monetary
D. fiscal
                                                   GENERAL KNOWLEDGE
39. PSL 4 was won by:
A. Quetta Gladiators
B. Islamabad United
C. Lahore Qalanders
D. Peshawar Zalmi

40. The capital of Bangladesh is:
A. Chittagong
B. Dhaka
C. Raj Shahi
D. Khalna

41. Balochistan occupies the ___________part of Pakistan.
A. East western
B. South western
C. East southern
D. West southern

42. Khokhrapar Border is situated in district?
A. Sanghar
B. Tharparkar
C. Thatta
D. Matiari

43. When we say that the climate of Balochistan plateau is extreme what do
we mean?
A. Extremely hot and cold
B. Extremely cold
C. Extremely hot
D. None of these
                                                      CURRENT AFFAIRS

44. Who presented the Pakistan budget 2019-2020 in National assembly?
A. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh
B. Asad Qaiser
C. Hammad Azhar
D. Zartaj Gul

45. Which of the following Country boycotted OIC meeting of Council of
Foreign Ministers 2019?
A. Turkey
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Pakistan
D. Iran

46. Currently world football champion is:
A. Italy
B. France
C. Germany
D. Brazil

47. Voting rights in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are distributed on the basis of:
A. proportion to quota allocated to countries from time to time.
B. proportion to contributions given by each country
C. proportion to the share of the income of the country in the world income
D. one country, one vote

48. The soft loan affiliate of the World Bank is
A. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
B. International Development Association
C. International Monetary Fund
D. Asian Development Bank

49. World Bank is a body
A. of major banks operating in different countries
B. that gives aid to developing countries
C. that controls worldwide foreign exchange operations
D. of non-official generous individuals

50. The main watch dog of international trade is
C. World Bank
D. W.T.O.

51. Which country recently announced an emergency fund of $8.3 billion for
tackling the coronavirus outbreak?
A. China
C. Japan
D. Malaysia

Answers Keys:
1 D
2 B
3 D
4 D
5 B
6 D
7 C
8 A
9 B
10 A
11 D
12 D
13 A
14 A
15 C
16 D
17 D
18 E
19 E
20 B
21 A
22 C
23 B
24 C
25 A
26 A
27 C
28 A
29 A
30 B
31 A
32 D
33 B
34 D
35 A
36 C
37 A
38 D
39 A
40 B
41 B
42 B
43 A
44 C
45 C
46 B
47 A
48 B
49 B
50 D
51 B