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NTS Psychology Solved Repeated MCQS Past Papers pdf download online test preparation material

Control group:The group in an experiment which receives no treatment.

Autonomic: The portion of your nervous system which controls breathing and digestion.

Thalamus:The color, smell and feeling of the flowers are relayed through this part of brain.
A hungry person would find food to be a: Primary reinforce

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Cognitive learning: A theory by which a psychologist explains you that learning can be best defined in terms of underlying thought process.

According to Maslow, a person with no job, no friends and no house can be self actualized: 100 percent no

Need for affiliation: A need to establish and maintain relationship with other people.

Repression refers to: Primary defense mechanism

Enduring dimensions of personality characteristics differentiating people from another is called: Trait

The theory which suggests that people learn attitude by observing their own behavior is: Self-perception

Theory of cognitive dissonance is offered by: Festinger

The ability to view the world in 3 dimensions and perceive distance is:Depth perception

According to Bandura, one is socialized by:Observation

Crowding causes increase in heart rate and the level of adrenaline:Yes

A theory that states that emotions are a join result of non-specific physiological arousal and interpretation of the arousal is called: Two-factor theory of emotion

Maintenance of an internal biological balance is called: Homeostasis

The part of personality that provides a buffer between the id and the outside world is: Ego

A perceptual experience, which is not grounded in reality, is called a/an: Hallucinations

The hallucinations of schizophrenic are most likely to be: Auditory

Among people with severe mood disorder, ——- is most common: Depression

Motor skills are largely a result of:Learning

In Piaget’s theory, the first two years of life are called the —– stages: Sensorimotor

Learning theories explain attachment of infants to their parents in items of:Conditioning

Speech like but meaningless sound appear between 3 months to one year is termed as: Babble

The ability to deal with new problems and encounters is technically called as: Fluid intelligence

The trichina theory of intelligence suggests that there are: Three components

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