Male Subject Specialist Economics Result

Male Subject Specialist Economics (BPS-17) in Elementary And Secondary Education Department. (Advt: No. 04/2013)   
  Interviews for these posts were held. The following qualified candidates are to be recommended to the government for appointment subject to verification of their documents / domiciles etc by the Elementary and Secondary Education Department. If any discrepancies, found at any stage, the selection / recommendation of the candidate will be cancelled accordingly.
1 Abdul Ghaffar S/O Abdul Sattar Nowshera/2
2 Ali Raza S/O Javed Ali Charsadda/2
3 Asif Akbar S/O Muhammad Akbar Mardan/2
4 Atta Ullah S/O Khalil ur Rahman Malakand/3
5 Fazal Ghaffar S/O Bilal Ahmad Mardan/2
6 Fazli Qadir S/O Fazali Dayan Nowshera/2
7 Imtiaz Khan S/O Taj Bareen Nowshera/2
8 Mesbah Ullah S/O Muhammad Qasim N.W.Agy/1
9 Mohsin Hassan Khan S/O Hassan Khan Malakand/3
10 Munir Khan S/O Khan Mat Shah F.R.Peshawar/1
11 Razi Khan S/O Jamshid Buner/3
12 Shahab Ali S/O Mir Doust Khan Swabi/2
13 Tahir Saleem S/O Muhammad Usman Karak/4
14 Umar Ali S/O Sargand Khan Moh: Agy:/1
15 Umar Riaz S/O Naseer Khan Karak/4
16 Yaqoob Khan S/O Walayat Khan Bajaur Agy:/1

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