List of Practicals of Biology Physics Chemistry Computer Science for 9th Class Annual Examination 2015-2016

List of Practicals of Biology Physics Chemistry Computer Science for 9th Class Annual Examination 2015-2016.According to BISE Sahiwal, BISE Sargodha, BISE Multan, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Faisalabad, BISE DG Khan, BISE Bahawalpur , BISE Lahore

Biology Practicals

1. Study of different types of bacteria with the help of prepared slides.

2. Study of Amoeba with the help of prepared slides/fresh culture/charts.

3. Study of external structure of Mustard plant (Brassica Campestris).

4. Identification of Jelly fish, Earthworm, Starfish, Cartilaginous fish, class reptilian and class mammalian from fresh and preserved specimens based on salient taxonomic characteristics.

5. Microscopic observation of an animal cell (from Blood of Frog) and plant cell (from epidermis of onion).

6. Effect of tonicity on plasmolysis and deplasmolysison plant cells or blood cells.

7. Effect of enzyme pepsin (invitro) on meat/albumin.

8. Experiment for action of enzyme diastase on Starch.

9. Experiment to show the process of photosynthesis using aquatic plant Hydrilla.

10. Experiment to prove that Carbon dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis.

11. Experiment to prove that respiration takes place ingerminating seeds using lime water.

12. Food Tests:.

(i) Benedict’s Test for Glucose (reducing sugars).

(ii) Iodine Test for Starch (non reducing sugars).

(iii) Emulsion Test and Spot Test for fats.

(iv) Biuret Test for protein.

13. Estimation of loss of water from both surfaces of leaf using Cobalt Chloride paper.

14. Observation of transpiration in a potted plant keptunder a bell jar.

Chemistry Practicals

Experiment 1 Separate the given mixture of iron fillings and sand by Physical method.

Experiment 2 Determine the melting point of given compounds(Naphthalene and Biphenyl)

Experiment 3 Determine the boiling point of given liquids ( Acceton and Ethyl alcohol) and Toluen

Experiment 4 Demonstrate sublimation using ammonium chloride.

Experiment 5 Separate naphthalene from given mixture of sand and naphthalene by sublimation.

Experiment 6 Prepare 100cm of 0.1M sodium hydroxide solution from the given 1M solution.

Experiment 7 Prepare 100cmof 0.01M Na2CO solution from the given0.1M solution.

Experiment 8 Prepare 100cm of 0.01M hydrochloric acid solution from

the given 0.1M solution.

Experiment 9 Prepare pure copper sulphate crystals from the given Impure sulphate.

Experiment 10 Demonstrate that temperature affects the solubility

Experiment 11 Demonstrate the conductivity of different given solution

Experiment 12: Demonstrate that some processes absorb energy
Physics Practicals
1. Measure the area of cross section of a solid cylinder by measuring the diameter with vernier calipers.

2. Determine the volume of a solid cylinder by measuring its length and diameter.

3. Find the acceleration of a ball rolling down an inclined angle iron by drawing a graph between 2 Sand t2

4. Find the value of gby free fall method.

5. Find the force limiting friction by rolling a roller on a horizontal surface.

Chapter 4 Turning Effect of Forces

6. Determine the resultant of two forces graphically by using a horizontal force table.

7. Verify the principal of moments by using a meter rod balanced on a wedge.

8. Find the unknown weight of an object by using principal of moment.

9. Study the effect of length of simple pendulum on its time period and hence find the value of gby calculation.

10. Prove that time period of a simple pendulum is independent of amplitude of vibration.

11. Determine the relationship between load and extension (helical spring) by drawing a graph.

12. Find the density of a body heavier than water by Archimedes principal.

13. Draw a graph between temperature and time when ice is converted into water and then to steam by slow heating.
Computer Science

1 Write down the steps to shutdown and restart Windows

2 How would you launch the start Menu and Access the Program Menu?

3 How would you create new folder on the desktop and in windows?

4 Write down the steps to create ,rename and delete the folder

5 Write down the steps

i) To search a file from computer.

ii) To view the properties of your computer.

6 How would you search files or folders on your computer?

6 How would you get help in Window Operating System?

7 How would you maximize, minimize, close and restore the window?

8 How would you load Windows Explorer?

9 How would you Set Date/Time?

10 How would you arrange desktop icons

11 How would you view and empty the Recycle Bin?

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