KPPSC Accountant Syllabus MCQs Past Paper pdf

KP Public Service Commission: Accountant Syllabus, Past Papers & Test Preparation


Qualification: At least Second Class Bachelors Degree in Business Administration or its equivalent qualification from a recognized University.

Test Pattern & Syllabus: 45 MCQs test related to qualification

Here is Accountant sample paper for guidance. The original paper will be of 45 MCQs.

(1) Which of the following elements in a compensation package provides the greatest amount of incentive for salespersons?

(a) Salary
(b) Fringe Benefits
(c) Commissions
(d) Use of Company Vehicle

(2) The process whereby the seller distinguishes between market segments, selects one or more of these segments, and develops products and marketing-mixes tailored to each segment is called _______ marketing.

(a) Mass
(b) Target
(c) Product Variety
(d) Service

(3) Goods that the consumer, in the process of selection and purchase, characteristically compares on such bases as suitability, quality, price and style are called _______ goods.

(a) Shopping
(b) Specialty
(c) Unsought
(d) Convenience

(4) Product ______ is a period of rapid market acceptance and increasing profits.

(a) Development
(b) Introduction
(c) Growth
(d) Maturity

(5) The repairs made to keep a plant/asset in normal and good operating condition are called:

(a) Plant Management
(b) Operation Management
(c) Ordinary repairs

(6) A company that owns more than 50’s of another company and controls that corporation is known as:

(a) Subsidizing
(b) Consolidated CO.
(c) None of these

(7) The process of individual growth in the full utilization of a person’s managerial capabilities is called management development:

(a) True
(b) False

(8) Promotion is not a part of marketing:

(a) Agreed
(b) Not agreed
(c) None of these

(9) A way of analyzing leadership style where leaders are classified on a grid with TWO dimensions is called:

(a) Managerial grid
(b) Two way theory
(c) None

(10) If a manufacturer gives a 30 percent discount to retailers and a 10 percent discount to wholesalers, which type of discount is being given?

(a) Quantity
(b) Cash
(c) Functional (also called trade discount)
(d) Seasonal

(11) Publicity differs from advertising in as much as:

(a) It is directed at large numbers of consumers.
(b) Its message is of a non personal nature.
(c) It is carried by the mass media.
(d) It is a non paid Form of reaching the public.

(12) In which stage of the PLC are promotion expenses per product item usually highest?

(a) Introduction
(b) Growth
(c) Maturity
(d) Decline

(13) Which of the following is not a disadvantage of using a Committee?

(a) High cost in time and money
(b) Splitting responsibility
(c) Group deliberation and judgment
(d) Compromise decisions

(14) Identify the Organization established by our Federal government to regulate security markets:

(a) SBP
(b) SEC
(c) NAB
(d) NFC


(15) ———- is a statement reporting the effects of a firm’s operating, investing and financing activities on cash flows over an accounting period.
a. Income statement
b. Annual report
c. Cash flow statement
d. Balance sheet
e. None of these

(16) ———- studied five chief executives at work and identified ten managerial roles.
a. Max weber
b. Henry fayol
c. Henry mintzberg
d. Fredrick taylor
e. Michael porter

(17) A product life cycle —————–.
a. Shows how a product sales or profits may rise or fall over its life
b. Tells you how long a product will sell for and make a profit
c. Is divided into three stages
d. Show how profitable a product will
e. None of these

18) All of the following are fixed assets except
a. Building
b. Stocks
c. Production plant
d. Vehicles
e. None of these

(19) What is the influencing environmental factor when interest rates increase and firms find it difficult to borrow funds
a. Political factor
b. Social factor
c. Economic factor
d. Technological factor
e. Competitive factor

(20) Which of the following is not a market entry strategy
a. Licensing
b. Indirect exporting
c. Joint venture
d. International marketing
e. None of these

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