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ITAB Multiple Choice Type Questions MCQs Practice Test

ITAB Multiple Choice Type Questions MCQs Practice Test

1. Information is_____________.
A. a collection of data
B. a processed data
C. a text data.
D. a audio/video data.
2. There are two levels of information in every organization and are__________.
A. an internet client and Internet Server.
B. telephone information and voice information.
C. formal and informal information.
D. Internal Information and External Information.
3. ____ is a term that encompasses all forms of technology used to create, store, exchange,
and use information in its various forms.
A. Computer Technology
B. Network Technology
C. Information Technology.
D. Client Server Technology.
4. ____ is an electronic device which converts raw data into meaningful information.
A. Computer.
B. Hardware.
C. Software.
D. Compiler.
5. The processing speed of a computer is generally measured in ___.
A. kg
B. Nano seconds.
C. Milliseconds.
D. hrs.
6. The computers can store large amount of____.
A. data and information
B. numbers and text.
C. personal information.
D. public information
7. The computers give very accurate results with___.
A. hardware.
B. predetermined values.
C. determined values.
D. calculated values.
8. _____ is the utilization of technology to improve the realization of office functions.
A. Office automation
B. Office PC.
C. Office management.
D. Office records.
9. _____ is the processing of raw data by using a computer to performthe selection and
ordering process.
A. Electronic data processing
B. Manual data processing.
C. Low data processing.
D. High data processing.
10. Technically, _____ is a defined structure for efficient communication.
A. networking.
B. communication technology.
C. network technology.
D. computing.
11. Example of Office automation tools are____________.
A. Pencil and Pen.
B. File and Rack.
C. Table and Desk.
D. Electronic Mail and Internet System.
12. Which of the following can work both as an input and output medium?
A. keyboard.
B. trackball.
C. light pen.
D. floppy.
13. The ___ computers operate bymeasuring instead of counting.
A. personal.
B. client.
C. analog.
D. digital.
14. An ____ signal is a continuous variable electromagnetic wave.
A. automatic.
B. analog.
C. electronic.
D. integral.
15. The analog computer operates by___.
A. physical devices.
B. softwares.
C. measuring.
D. scaling.
16. A computer systemis made of____________.
A. hardware only.
B. software only.
C. hardware and software.
D. hardware or software.
17. The most commonly used input device is________________.
A. mouse.
B. scanner.
C. keyboard.
D. joystick.
18. The keys on the keyboard which, do special tasks are__________________.
A. arrow keys.
B. numeric keys.
C. function keys.
D. navigation keys.
19. A dot matrix printer uses ___________ to form letters.
A. bars.
B. codes.
C. pins.
D. daisy wheels.
20. A laser printer is an example of______________.
A. dot matrix printer
B. daisy wheel printer
C. chain printer.
D. non-impact printers

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