Important Lecturer Botany Solved MCQs Test

Important Lecturer Botany Solved MCQs Test

1.    Heterocyst’s are  Colorless and thick walled

2.    Liverworts are closely related to  Mosses

3.    Fern plants are  Hygrophytes

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4.    Largest sperm are forud in  Cycas

5.    Red root is another name of  Bleet root

6.    Cyathium is found in Euphorbia

7.    Third whorl in flower is Stamen

8.    The edible portion of mango is Mesocarp

9.    Heartwood is also known as Duramen

10.    Pith is absent in Protostele

11.    Most primitive vascular plants are Ferns

12.    Vivipary is characteristic of halophyes

13.    Number of ATP molecules produced by one NADH is 3

14.    Element present in midlle lamella is Ca

15.    Wilting occurs due to excessive of Guttation

16.    Photolysis of water is caused by PS II

17.    Kranz anatomy is typical for C4 plants

18.    Haploid plants can be obtained from Anther culture

19.    Xylem consists of Tracheids, vessels, fibers, parenchyma

20.    Casparian strips present in Endodermis

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