IBA Entry Test Syllabus Sample Papers

IBA Entry Test Syllabus Sample Papers for Admission in various programms


IBA Math Syllabus:

Number, Set language and notation, Function notation ,Squares, Decimal fractions and percentages , Ordering, The four operations ,
Estimation, Limits of accuracy, Ratio, proportion, rate , Percentages, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Measures, Money,
Personal and household finance, Graphs in practical situations,Graphs of functions, Straight line graphs,Algebraic representation and formulae,
Algebraic manipulation, Indices/ Exponents , Solutions of equations and inequalities, Graphical representation of inequalities, Geometrical terms and relationships,
Geometrical constructions, Symmetry, Angle, Locus, Mensuration, Trigonometry , Statistics, Probability, Matrices , Vectors in two dimensions

IBA English Syllabus:

The test focuses on the following areas:

Grammar in context
Vocabulary in context
Reading comprehension


English Essay: