General Knowledge Solved Guess MCQs Past Papers

1. Which US Ambassador killed with Zia: Raphael
2. Who is the Foreign Minister of Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif
3. Which Vegetable has the most Potassium: Spinach
4. What is the qualification of Mahathir Mohamad: Medical Doctor
5. From which University Sartaj Aziz Graduate: Harward
6. What is the name of the Treaty for formulation of European Union: Maastricht
7. What is name of Operation for the killing of Osama bin Laden: Neptune Spear
8. What is the capital name of Kosovo: Pristina
9. Maslow theory of needs for which purpose: Motivation
10. Who said that Man is a Political Animal: Aristotle
11. What is the name of grassland of Argentina: Pampas
12. From Which U Thant belongs to: Burma
13. Who share the disputed with UK on Falkland Island: Argentina
14. Which district has the least population in Punjab: Rajanpur
15. Which UNO org has the all the member countries: General Assembly
16. Which Greenhouse gas has most heat: Corbodinoxide
17. Who is the auditor general of Pakistan: Rana Asad Amin
18. How many Divisions of Punjab: 9
19. When India first time test the atom bomb: 1974
20. Who is the ex-foreign minister of India: Salman Khurshid
21. Princess Zeb un Nisa’s Father: Aurangzeb
22. Pedagogy is the study of : teaching
23. 5 cars attached bumper to bumper, how many bumpers are connected : 8
24. A person standing in a queue at place six from both sides, how many total persons in the queue : 11
25. A couple has 7 daughters and each daughter has one brother, how many total they are: 10
26. Maj shabbir sharif shaheed got which military award other than nishan e haider: Sitar e Jurat
27. Sharmeen obaid oscar winning documentary movie: Saving face (& A Girl in the River)
28. Q & A Writer of slumdog millionaire: Vikas Swarup
29. Most illegaly traded animal: Pangolin
30. Drama serial “Waris” written by: Amjad Islam Amjad
31. Secretary General of UN in 1953-54: Dag Hammarskjöld
32. Reshma, folk singer died in: 3 November, 2013
33. Facebook started in: 2004
34. Old name of Zimbabwe: Southern Rhodesia
35. Original name of Santosh Kumar: Syed Musa Raza
36. where is Lal Sohanra Park: Bahawalpur
37. bleaching powder formula? : Calcium hypochlorite
38. When ship travels from fresh water to the ocean or sea: rises
39. 1 hectare is equal to how many acres: 2.47
40. Gas to liquid conversion: Condensation
41. Baglihar dam is constructed on river: Chenab
42. Diphtheria disease is related to: Throat
43. Epistemology deals with : Knowledge
44. Ustad Allah Baksh a famous painter: Belgium
45. Kamran bradari is made by kamran who is: Son of Babur, brother of Humayun
46. Headquarter of African union is: Addis Abbaba
47. The clash of civilization is written by: Huntington
48. Deosai national park is situated in: Gilgit Baltistan
49. Term of 21st amendment is approved for: 2 years
50. Abdul Sattar Edhi got Lenin prize: 1988 Page 2