Best General Knowledge Notes for Jobs Exams Tests Preparation

Best General Knowledge Notes for Jobs Exams Tests Preparation

51. Previous Heart of Asia conference was held at: Beijing
52. Son of Ranjit Singh who was crowned at the age of 5 years: Duleep Singh
53. Odd one out of: RAM, ROM, Cache, HDD: ROM
54. Yeast contains: Fungi
55. When was first Nobel Prize awarded: 1901
56. Detroit company in USA is famous for: automobile
57. Mustafa zaidi by profession was: Civil Servant
58. Gohar Ayub khan’s military rank: Captain
59. Indian Nuclear Test in: 1974
60. Name of the king who came to India for first time for darbaar: George V
61. HDI (Human Development Index was developed by: Mehboob ul Haq
62. Usain bolt belongs to? Jamaica
63. Fourth issue raised by Nawaz Sharif in UN assembly: Withdrawal from Siachen
64. When did pak and india composite talks start: 1997 (Originally in 1985)
65. First woman president of the UN: Vijaya Lakshmi Pundit
66. Pacemaker: regulates heart beat

General Knowledge MCQS Solved for PPSC Tests

67. Gibraltar connects: Mediterranean with Pacific
68. UNESCO Headquarter: Paris
69. COP 20 held in: Lima
70. Constitution of Pakistan article 257 when the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir decide to accede to Pakistan, the relationship between Pakistan and the State shall be determined in accordance with the wishes of the people of that State.
71. What is zero-sum Game Theory: In Game theory and economic theory, a zero-sum game is a mathematical representation of a situation in which each participant’s gain (or loss) of utility is exactly balanced by the losses (or gains) of the utility of the other participant(s).
72. LED: light emitting diode
73. GT road: Grand Trunk
74. Tower of Pisa: Italy
76. Earth rotation: 24 hours
77. Hingol Park: Balochistan
78. Pemra chairman: Absar Alam
79. 1st panipat battle fought between: Babur and Ibrahim Lodhi
80. Swiss women voting right: 1971
81. Founder of De beer (Diamond Exploration Company): Cecil Rhodes
82. Kingdom Saudi Arabia renamed from Najad to Saudi Arabi in: 1932
83. Indian Nobel prize winner: Amartya Sen
84. Who performed role of Quaid e azam? Christopher Lee
85. Presidency of U.N. rotate every: One month
86. Single computer can operate without? LAN card.
87. Liquid turns to gas Process? Volatile
88. Taj Mahal on which river? Yamuna
89. Chauburji historical place belongs to King? Aurangzeb Alamgir
90. Which country expelled PLO in 1970? Jordan
91. Beijing declaration 1992 for: women
92. WEF idea was given by: Klaus Schwab
93. What was the father’s name of Madeline Albright? Joseph Alport
94. Revolution of 1958 in Iraq was led by: Gen. Abdul Kari el Qasim
95. Endemic Species of Pakistan: Indus Blind Dolphin
96. Painting in Italy by: Michelangelo
97. Rio de summit 1992 with effect from: March 1994
98. Convention on Wetlands in Ramsar which is a city of? Iran
99. Herbert Simon’s four basic motivations for subordinates do not include? Social Disapproval
100. “Right is a reasonable claim recognized by the society and enforced by the state”, said by? Bosanquet

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