Functions of National Savings Organization mcqs pdf

Functions of National Savings Organization mcqs pdf for Preparation of National Savings Officer Test

Q. National Savings came into existence Under Act?
Ans.Government Savings Bank Act in 1873.

Q.During the World Wars I and II, who used this channel to raise funds to meet war related expenditures.
Ans: The British Government

Q.When National Savings Bureau (NSB) set up?
Ans:In 1943-44 as an attached department

Q.When The Bureau was renamed as Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS)?
Ans: in 1953.

Q.In September 1960,CDNS was given the status of an Attached Department of whic ministry?
Ans: Ministry of Finance.

Q. In Which year National Savings whereby the organization was made responsible for all policy matters and execution of various NSS.
Ans:In 1972

Q.Write basic functions of CDNS?

1. CDNS is promoting financial savings in the economy.

2.It also generated requisite funds for the Government to finance the budgetary deficit and infrastructure projects.

3. To promote and inculcate the habit of thrift for mobilization of Savings.

4.To be the preferred institution for small savers in facilitating the objective of financial
inclusion and extending social security net to all the deserving section of society.

Q.It is largest investment and financial institution in Pakistan with a portfolio of?
Ans: over Rs. 3.4 trillion.

Q. How many it has valued investors, branches and directorates?
Ans:It has about 04 million

It has large network of 376 branches nationwide controlled by 12 Regional Directorates of National Savings (RDNS).