FPSC Lecturer Geography Syllabus MCQS Past Papers

FPSC Lecturer Geography Syllabus MCQS Past Papers 2021, Paper Pattern and Test Criteria

Objective Type Test (MCQ)
English = 20 marks
Subject Test = 50 marks
Professional Test = 30 marks

Part-I (20 Marks)
Vocabulary, Grammar Usage, Sentence Structuring,

Part-II (Masters Level)
Physical Geography
Landform development, climate, oceans & seas, factor of climate and environmental change
Geography of Pakistan,
Human Geography (Geographic pattern of culture,
Ethnicities and Nationalities, Economic Indicators,
Social Indicators, Health Indicators, Renewable Resources, Recycling Resources, Sustainable
resources. The Demographic Transition)
Political Geography (State, National and the NationState Geopolitics of uneven development)
Statistical Geography,
Environmental Geography,
GIS Techniques,


Teaching Techniques and Methodology

Classroom Management and Discipline

Testing and Evaluation