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Everyday Science English Urdu Math Basic Computer Online MCQS Practice Test

Everyday Science English Urdu Math Basic Computer Online MCQS Practice Test

Everyday Science English Urdu Math Basic Computer Practice for PPSC Tests, NTS Tests, FPSC Tests, PTS Tests, CSS Tests, SPSC Tests

57. Scurvy is due to lack of

Online MCQS Practice Tests

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a.vit b        b.vit c        c.vit    d         d.vit e

58. Ingenious means

a.skilful          b.kind       c.favourite     d.pitiable

59. A piece of cake: meaning is

a. hard task      b.easy task       c.both     d.doubt

60. To have a dispute with some one idiom is of my eye high as a kite    c. an axe to grind     d. none

61. He is fond————teaching.        b.of              c.for

62. Does she ————-cold clothes.

a.wears       b.wear        c.has wear    d.has been wearing

63. It is 5 o clock …… watch         c.of      d.for

64. Indentify CORRECT spelt

a.congratulate          b. congrachulate        c.congratulat      d.congratulatee.

65. What is the si unit of velocity?

a.m/s   b.m     d.m/s2

66. Alkhawarzmi   is related to

a.math       b.algebra         c.physics

67. Who invented HCL khawarzmi         b.alberuni         c.alrazi          d.jaber bin rehan

68. Which is next number 3,9,15,21,27,———–

a.30         b.33          c.36             d.       39

69. What will be zakat on 7 tola gold

a. 2.5%       b.3%      c. None      d.2000

70. Akram purchased a house in 260000 Rs. He Sells it on 10% profit.

What is his profit in rupees.

a.24000         b.39000         c.12000      d.26000

71. 20% of 20 is equal to

a.4       b.20    c.25          d.10

72. if a shopkeeper give one thing free with purchase of 4 things to customer.

What will be profit of customer

a.25%          b.29%                c.15%           d.33%

73. Food for 21 days is stored in a house for 10 persons .if 3 persons

went gone than this food can be used for how many days

a. 20               b.30             c.35         d.40

74. find the value of abc  if a=2,,b=3,,,c=0

a.6     b.2      c.3           d.0

75. Our pc belongs to what generation

a.3rd           b.5th           c.6th           d.4th

76. one KB is equall to

a.1026 bytes       b.1030 bytes     c.1040 bytes  d.1024 bytes

77. in GW Basic GW stands for

a.gate way     b.Get wait     c.Goal week       d.Grass weight

78. Who is father of computer

a.charles gabage       b.charles babbage    c.charles dickens    d.tolstoy

79. www stands for wast wind wide website wide web d.none

80. Which is a picture format?

a.jpeg          b.jpej         c.jped        d.jpek

81. RAM stands for—–

a.Random access memory       b.Random Aquise memory

c.Random access machine        d.Random awarded multimedia

82. CPU stands for

a.centrous processor unit  b.Central Processor unit

c.Central programme unit  d.central power unit

83. Where is the head office of Google

a.Newyork b.Huwaei     c.London   D.Italy

84. Which has biggest internet revenue     b.face book   c.twitter

85- The magnitude of earthquake is measured with?
A Hygrometer B Richter Scale C Barometer  D.Manometer

86. The deficiency of Vitamin C causes the disease of:
A Bones    B    Skin    C Teeth    D.Eyes

87. One horse power is equall to

a.745 watt    b.744 watt  c.765 watt d.746 watt

88. Unit of electric current is

a.watt        b.ampere           c.m/s

89. Which vitamin is not stored in human body

a.b        b.c          c.d         d.e

90. Milk contains water

a.70%    b.75%     c.80%  d.90%

91. Anarkali is written by

a.imtiaz ali taj      b.bano quudsia  c.allama iqnal d.altaf hussain

92. Raja Gidh is written by

a.Mustansar hussain    b.Muhammad Hussain   c.Bano qudsia  d.Khalid naeem

93. Shahnama islam iz written by

a.allam iqbal     b.hafeez jalandhri      c.altaf hussain        d.sir syed ahmad

94. Musadas k kitny misry hoty hn

a.8    b.4     c.6          d.12

95. Ghalib ka san e wafat kia hai

a.1870    b.1867 c.1888 d.1869

96. Tehzib ul akhlaq kis ki kitab hai

a.Hafeez jalandhry b.Ghalib     c.Sir  syed      d.Altaf hussain

97.”Khizar-e-Raah” Iqbal kay ______ shari majmooay me shamil hai.a.bang e dara  b.Israr e khudi        c.armaghan hijaz       d.None of these

98. subha e azadi kis ki poem hai

a.allama iqbal    b.faiz         c.parveen shakir      d.Habib jalib

99. kis poetess ko urdu poetry ki pehli baghi shaira kha jata hai

a.parveen shakir      b.kishwar naheed      c.Nusrat jabeen      d.None

100. over coat kis ka afsana hai

a.Nazir ahmad    b.Mustansar Hussain      c.Ghullam Abbas       d.Momin khan

Congratulations: You have done all the paper now vist Answer Key Page to check your marks and tell your score us in comments.


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