English Solved MCQs HEC ETC Admission Entry Test HAT-UG-E-M-A-CS-GS-ICom

English Solved MCQs HEC ETC Admission Entry Test HAT-UG-E-M-A-CS-GS-ICom

1.His theories have been by recent research.

A) Pronounced C) Dammed

B) Rearmed D) Debunked

2.International rules the number of foreign entrants.

A) Hoodwink C) Fabricate

B) Stipulate D) Traverse

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3.The assassination of the president the country into war.

A) Articulated C) Hobbled

B) Boomed D) Precipitated

4.She might be forgiven for beneath the pressure.

A) Undertaking C) Buckling

B) Extricating D) Resounding

In each of the  following  question,  four  alternative  meanings  of  a  word  are  given. You have  to  select  the NEAREST  CORRECT  MEANING of  the  given  word  and fill the appropriate Circle on the MCQ Response Form.


A) Loyal

C) Lacking strength

B) Lazy

D) High


A) Coward

C) Imitating

B) Non-cooperative

D) Gallant


A) Curved

C) Formal

B) Traditional

D) Dashing


A) Huge

C) Little

B) Trivial

D) Square


A) Colophon

C) Divert

B) Concoct

D) Respite


A) Anomaly

C) Steward

B) Prototype

D) Fashion


A) Mode

C) Quirk

B) Token

D) Bulwark


A) Patrol

C) Exhort

B) Arcane

D) Falter


A) Visit

C) Furry

B) Belch

D) Inking


A) Immaculate

C) Sigh over

B) Chew over

D) Vagary

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