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Entrepreneurship Deveolpment MCQs Multpile Choice Sample Questions Past Papers Practice Tes

Entrepreneurship Deveolpment MCQs Multpile Choice Sample Questions Past Papers Practice Tes

1. Entrepreneurship is a ___________
a. Process b. Product
c. Place d. Person

2. Which of the following shows the process of creating something new?
a. Business model b. Modeling
c. Innovation d. Creative flexibility

3. Which one of the following is the process of entrepreneurs developing new products
that over time make current products obsolete?
a. New business model b. Anatomization
c. Creative Destruction d. None of these

4. An actor and a person who managed large project were termed as the entrepreneur in
a. Earliest period b. Middle ages
c. 17th centuryd. 19th & 20th century

5. An entrepreneur doing business within the national border is called:
a. International entrepreneurship b. Intrapreneurship
c. Domestic entrepreneurship d. Imports

6. Which of the following is not one of the three areas in which the importance of
entrepreneurship can be shown?
a. Innovation b. Number of start ups
c. Job creation & employment d. bureaucracy

7. The creation of new firms is important because these new firms contribute to
economic development through benefits that include all of the following except:
a. Product-process innovation b. Unemployment
c. Increased tax revenues d. Social betterment
8. Entrepreneurship in India was earlier based on –
a. Age b. Colour
c. Community d. None of these

9. In the pre-independence period India had a very strong ______________.
a. Steel industry b. Electronics industry
c. Handicrafts industry d. Paper industry

10. The Risk Bearing theory of Entrepreneurship was given by-a. Richard Cantillon b. Joseph Schumpeter
c. J.B.Say d. Clarence Danhof

11. The Innovations theory was proposed by-a. J.B.Say b. Knight
c. F.W.Taylor d. Joseph Schumpeter

12. Economy is the effect for which entrepreneurship is the cause.
a. True b. False

13. The Status Withdrawal theory was given by –
a. Hagen b. Henry Fayol
c. David McClelland d. J.B.Say

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