ETC Entry Test HAT-UG-M Solved MCQs Sample Past Papers

ETC Entry Test HAT-UG-M Solved MCQs Sample Past Papers

Q.1         Brain is protected and enclosed in:

A) Lumbar vertebrae

B) Coccyx

C) Vertebral column

D) Cranium


Q.2         Longest bone in the human skeleton is:

A) Ulna

B) Fibula

C) Tibia

D) Femur


Q.3         Hips and shoulder joints are examples of:

A) Hinge Joints

B) Ball and Socket Joints

C) Synovial Joints

D) Cartilaginous Joints


4..In pelvic region of human bosy, sacrum is formed by the fusion of:

A) 4 Vertebrae

B) 5 Vertebrae

C) 6 Vertebrae

D) 3 Vertebrae


5.Each muscle fibre is surrounded by a modified cell membrance called:


B) Sarcomere

C) Myosin Filament

D) Myofilament


6.hormone is antagonistic to insulin and causes increase in blood glucose level.

A) Glucagon C) Calcitonin

B) Nor-epinephrine D) Thyroxine


7..Beta cells of islets of Langerhans produce      hormone.

A) Glucagon C) Pancreatic Juice

B) Insulin D) Parathormone


Q.8         The organisms of third trophic level are:

A) Primary consumer

C) Tertiary consumer

B) Primary producer

D) Secondary consumer


Q.9         The ultimate source of energy in an ecosystem is:

A) Photosynthesis

B) Sun

C) Plants

D) Water


Q.10      All the food chains and food webs begin with:

A) Detritus

C) Green plants

B) Herbivores

D) Omnivores



Q.11      Which one of the following is X-linked trait?

A) Male pattern baldness

C) Haemophilia

B) Diabetes mellitus

D) Erythroblastosis fietalis


Q.12      A character determined by three alleles is:

A) Human skin colour

C) Human eye colour

B) Human blood group

D) Human Rh factor


13. The total number of genes in a population is called:

A) Gene pool C) Genome

B) Allele pool D) Genomic library

14. Presence of large central vacuole is the characteristic of:

A) Prokaryotes C) Fungi

B) Protists D) Plants

15. The basic structure of plasma membrane is provided by:

A) Proteins C) Cytoskeleton

B) Cholesterols D) Phospholipids

16. The organelle involved in detoxification of drugs and poisons in the liver cells is:

A) Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum C) Golgi Apparatus

B) Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum D) Lysosomes

17. Down’s syndrome is characterized by at chromosome 21.

A) Trisomy C) Polysomy

B) Monosomy D) Disomy

18. Which of the following is an example of autosomal non-disjunction?

A) Turner’s Syndrome C) Metastasis

B) Jacob’s Syndrome D) Down’s syndrome

19. Infertility, short height, webbed neck and low hairline at lack are symptoms of


A) Turner’s C) Edward’s

B) Down’s                D) Patau’s

20. The concentration of sodium ions in body fluids is controlled by the hormone:

A) Renin

B) Aldosterone

C) Angiotensin