English 9th Class Chapter-10 Simple Answers of Questions

Unit No 10 “Drug Addiction” English 9th Class Chapter-10 Simple Answers of Questions

Q.1 What are the causes of the drug addiction?
Ans. Bad peer influence and troubled domestic background are causes of drug addiction.

Q .1 What are the effects of drug addiction?
Ans. It effects mental and physical health.

Q.3 What important role do rehabilitation centers play to control drug addiction?
Ans. These centers provide complete medical guidance and treatment to victims.

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Q.4 What is the role of counseling in preventing drug addiction?
Ans. Counseling is an important factor for rehabilitation of the drug victim.

Q.5 Why did families feel reluctant to take the drug victims to drug rehabilitation centers?
Ans. They are reluctant to the drug victim to rehabilitation centers for fear of being insulted by their relatives and friends.

Q.6 What are the responsibilities if families to ensure complete recovery of such patients?
Ans. They must continue critically watch and counsel the victim for better motivation and adjustment.

Unit-11 Questions Answers

From Lesson:

1. Are drug addicts aware of the dangers of drugs?
Ans. The drug addicts are not aware of the dangers of drugs.

2. Which environmental factors are responsible for drug addiction?
Ans Bad peer influence and troubled domestic background are factors responsible for drug addiction.

3. What treatment is available at rehabilitation centres for drug victims?
Ans. Complete medical help and treatment are available at the rehabilitation centres for drug addicts.

4. Why do you understand by the term “counselling”?
Ans. It means prepare the patient for normal life through advice.

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