DZO Past Papers and Syllabus

Paper will be of 100 MCQs

SYLLABUS FOR WRITTEN TEST: The candidates will have to undergo the objective type written test i.e. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) related to (i) Zakat and Ushr Ordinance, 1980 (ii) Islamic concepts of Zakat and Ushr (iii) General knowledge.


DZO Paper

1- What is the least conductor among the followings:
A)Copper B) Iron C) Aluminum D) Wood
Zakat can be spent on:
A) Travelers B) Slaves C) Masakin D)All of these
20- Zakat is exempted on:
A)Sheep grazing fed free in pastures B) Fruits C) Vegetables D) All of
21- The disease that breaks out on mass scale at the same time among
humans is known as?
22- The music of Pakistan National Anthem was composed by?
23- What is a cash crop?
24- Brazil is in the continent of?
A)North America B)Europe C) Africa D) South America
25- What ancestry Razia Sultana belongs to?
26- What is the official religion of Japan?
27- The length of Khyber pass is?
28- Who was known as the Man of Destiny?
29- Velocity of Sound in air is?
30- Statue of Liberty was gifted to America by?
31- Adam’s Peak is in?
32- The country near to Mariana Trench(the deepest point) in Pacific Ocean
33- The most populous FATA agency is?
34- The father of French revolution is?
35- Sunlight is composed of:
A)15 colors B) 12 C) 10 D) 7
36- Jaundice is the disease of:
A) Lungs B) Pancreas C) Liver
37- Light year is the distance traveled by light in:
A) 1 Year B) 5 C) 10 D) 20
38- How many Ruku are there in 30th Parah?
39- How many times Zakat is mentioned in Quran?
40- When did zakat become obligatory?
41- Whom did Hazrat Muhammed (S.A.W.) appoint the Governor of Yemen
the collection of Zakat?
42- According to the Zakat Ordinance Zakat arrears are collected by?
43- Zakat Ordinance 1980 was promulgated on?
44- Quad e Azam resigned from Congress because of:
A)Moplah revolt B) Nehru report C) Non Cooperation movement etc.
45- Blood clotting occurs because of the vitamin:
A) D B) C C) B D) K
46- The vitamin that cannot be stored in body is:
A) D B) A C) B D) C
47- The red color of blood is due to the pigment named?
48- Red Cross/Crescent HQ is in?
49- The Boy Scouts was founded by?
50- What was the rate of Zakat on the discovered treasure in the past?
51- According to Zakat Ordinance the rate of zakat on the produce of land
irrigated by artificial water is?
52- According to the ordinance the Chief Administrator is appointed by the
Governor with the consultation of?
53- The sunlight reaches to earth in?
54- The bordering countries of Caspian sea are?
55- Porcelain tower among the seven wonders was in the country?
56- Taklimakan desert is in?
57- Manchhar lake is in the district of?
58- Gobi desert is in?
59- MacMohan line is between?
60- Cryptography is the study of?
61- Who is Gen. David Petraus?
62- According to Ordinance the nisab of gold is?
63- ………………………………………….s ilver is?
64- ………………………………………….s heep is?
65- According to the ordinance Ushr is not levied if the crop is less than:
A) 2000 Kg B) 1550 Kg C) 998 Kg D) 948 Kg
66- How many masarif are there for zakat?
67- Which Surah mentions these masarif?
68- Wall Street is famous for?
69- Which Islamic organization was founded in 1962?
70- Which court decides about the exemption matters relating to zakat?
71- The organ effected by the virus of Hepatitis is?
A) Kidneys B) Lungs C) Pancreas D) Liver
72- Baghalchur area of D.G Khan has the mineral reserves of:
A)Stone phosphate B) Lime C) Uranium D) Chromite
2- Which country has the longest coastal line?
3- Which country produces wool on the largest scale in the world?
4- Which city has the SAARC H.Q?
5- Who forwarded the Lahore(Pakistan) Resolution?
6- The deficiency of Vitamin C causes the disease of:
A) Bones B) Skin C) Teeth
7- What number Pakistan stands on according to population?
8- What’s the share of Punjab in the area of Pakistan?
9- The magnitude of earthquake is measured with?
A) Hygrometer B) Richter Scale C) Barometer
10- After Pashtuns the largest faction in Afghanistan are:
A)Uzbek B) Tajik C) Hazaras D)Krgyz
11- Plants exhale at night:
A)Oxygen B) Nitrogen C) Hydrogen D) Carbon Dioxide
12- Which Mughal Emperor built the Attock fort?
13- East India Company came to India in the reign of:
A)Shah Jahan B) Jahangir C) Aurangzeb D) Babar
14- Historical name of Iraq was?
15- The 2nd Panipat Battle was fought between?
16- The largest Muslim country according to area is?
17- The longest river in the world is?
18- Which one among the followings is a Peninsula:
A) Iran B) Egypt C) Saudi Arabia

DZO Paper held on 03-07-2011 By PPSC

1- Minsk is the capital of?
2-baht is the currency of?
3-currency note 1st time used by?
4-earth revolves around the sun from?
West to east
5- The name of world highest waterfall is?
6- Johor strait situated between?
Malaysia and Singapore
7- Malacca strait situated between?
Malysia & Indonesia
8- Karakum desert located in?
9- Fleet street is famous for?
10-Sikandry Azam belong to which country?
11-philately is the science of?
stamp collection
12-smallest country of the world?
13-how many kg’s in one metric ton?
14-one square foot is equal to?
144 sq inches
15- hydrometer is used for?
specific gravity of liquid
16- which vitamin easily prepared in body?
vitamin D
17- scurvy is due to lack of?
(vitamin c)
18-which gas is commonly used in balloons?
19-the most abundant element in earth curst is?
Oxygen (O)46.6%
21- world oldest parliament is?
Althing of Iceland
22-seattle is the seaport of?
23-land of midnight sun is?
24- land of free people is?
25- the lowest rainfall area in Pakistan is?
26- Interfax is the news agency of?
27- Heathrow is the seaport of?
28- agro based industry is?
poultry, fishery, livestock
29- Stonehenge is in?
30- largest producer of uranium is?
31- Nikke is the stock exchange of?
32- which country is situated below the sea level?
33-sharmusheikh is the seaport situated on?
red sea
34-wheel is the symbol of?
35- who was the painter of Mona Lisa?
Leonardo Davinci
36- one horse power is equal to?
746 watt
37-which of the following gas used in fire extinguished?
carbon dioxide
38-gulam Muhammad barrage is on?
Indus river
39- head marala is on?
40- Neza e Sultan is an extinct volcano located in Chagai District,
Baluchistan, have deep resources of?
41- old citizen day celebrated on?
1st October
42- in which sea Cyprus present?
43- yellow sea is situated between?
44- the largest nuclear plant is located at?
45- which colour phosphorus used in matches?
46- which gas is used in electric bulb?
47- oldest known element?
48- which shape of carbon used in lead pencils?
49- basic component of all acid is?
50- artificial silk is called?
51- basic component of wood is?
52- where Darwin port?
53- bar is the unit of?
54- light year is the unit of?
55- famous library ??????????????????????
56-lion is the emblem of?
Sri Lanka
57-temple tree house is the official residence of?
pm of Sri Lanka
59-ping pong is the name of which game?
table tennis
60- normal heart beat of adult is?
61-which gas is lightest?
62-the important impact of inflation?
decrease the value of currency
63-smallest ocean is?
64- longest land boundary between two countries?
u.s.a and Canada
65-cortes is the parliament of?
66- who many time the world zakat come in Quran?
67- who many time the word zakat come in Quran with namaz?
68- 7th month of Islamic calendar?
69- when the complete orders among zakat announced?
9 hijra
70-sharia announced who many kind of people who are able to get zakat?
71-in which sura the orders of zakat described?
sura tuba
72-four classes of zakat payer?
metals, trading goods, animals, agriculture products
73-who is the writer of kitabul khiraj?
imam Abu Yusuf
74-zakat derived from tazkiya meaning?
to purify
75-the time period of tehsil committee member is?
3 years
76- which section of constitution of Pakistan gives protection of zakat
77- district zakat committee created under which section ?
78- who mange the account of federal zakat council?
administrative general
79-auditor general gives his report to?
80-total members of local committee?
81-when zakat ordinance promulgated?
20 June 1980
82-zakat is applicable on who many goats?
83- the usher of artificial land is?
84- the usher of natural land is?
85-the criteria of chairman of central council
ex or in service judge of supreme court
86- who many women members in federal council?
87-administrator general is also?
sectary of religious affairs
88- which people cannot get zakat?
parents, children, etc
89- who appointed district chairman?
provincial council
90-the people who collect zakat are called?
91-mualafatil quloob are?
new and needy Muslim
92- what meant of d-day?
day upon which some significant event will occur or has occurred


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