Bank Al Habib GTO Test MCQS Sample Past Papers Preparation pdf

Bank Al Habib GTO Test MCQS Sample Past Papers Preparation pdf

GTO Syllabus and Test Pattern: GTO consists of five sections General Knowledge, Mathematics, Business & Economics, English Comprehension and Essay Writing. The candidates should prepare these subjects to pass the test. Final section is subject to satisfatory interview

1. Where is the head office of the UN General Assembly?
A. Vienna B. New York C. Paris D. London

2.Which country hosted 2019 Cricket World Cup?
A. Sri Lanka B. India C. England D. West Indies

3.CIA stands for?
A. Central Intelligence America B. Central Intelligence Agency C. Central American Intelligence Agency D. None of the Above.

4.Which country is called the ‘Land of golden fibre’?
A. Maldev B. Bangladesh C. Iran D. Pakistan

5.FIR stands for ___________?
A. Final Indexing Report B. First Information Report C. Field Information Report D. Fact Interrogation Report

6.GDP stands for ________?
A. Global Demand for Production B. Global Petroleum Corporation C. Gross Domestic Product D. General Demand for Production

7.What country has three official languages?
A. Britian B. Japan C. South Africa D. Belgium

8.Which country has the largest army?
A. India B. USA C. China D. Russia

9.Where is the Attock Refinery?
A. Attock B. Rawalpindi C. Swat D. Peshawar

10.OIC stands for

A. Organization of Islamic Conference B. Organization of Islamic Committee

C. Organization of Islamic Cell D. Organization of Islamic Cooperation

11.First battle of Panipat began on _________.
A. April 21, 1524 B. April 21, 1525 C. April 21, 1526 D. April 21, 1527

12.How many points are there in badminton?
A. 11 B. 21 C. 31 D. 41

13.Which country is called “Land of snow”?
A. Switzerland B. Netherlands C. Canada D. Ireland

14.Pakistan lost the cricket world cup final in ____________.
A. 1992 B. 1996 C. 1999 D. 2003

15.Who is known as Napoleon of Asia?
A. Hemu Bekal B. Tipu Sultan C. Nadir Shah D. Chandra Bose

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