Allama Iqbal Quiz Competition Questions Answers in Urdu pdf

Allama Iqbal Quiz Competition Questions Answers in Urdu pdf

1.When Iqbal was born

Ans:  9 November 1877

2.Where he was born?

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Ans: Sialkot

3.From whic family he belong?

Ans:Kashmiri family

4.When Sheikh Noor Muhammad his father was died

Ans: 1930

5. What was profession of Noor Muhammad?

Ans:  tailor

6. What was Iqbal’s mother name?

Ans: Imam Bibi.

7. In which year he matriculated?


8. When he passed FA

Ans: 1895.

9.When he passed BA from Government College , Lahore

Ans: 1897

10. what were his subjects in BA?

Ans: philosophy, English literature and Arabic.

11.When he  passed his Master of Arts?

Ans: 1899

12. When he got Bar at Law degree from London?

Ans. In 1906

13.When he got degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich?

Ans: in 1908

14.When he returned from England?

Ans: In 1908

15. In which college he joined as a professor of philosophy and English literature?

Ans:Government College , Lahore

16.In 1919, he became the general secretary of Anjuman-eHimayat-e-Islam.

Ans: Iqbal died in Lahore on 21 April 1938.

17.In  which year Iqbal contested the election for a seat in the Punjab Legislative Assembly and Won?

Ans: November 1926

18.Iqbal’s six English lectures were published in Lahore in

Ans: 1930

19.When he published his first collection of poetry, the Asrar-i-Khudi?

Ans: In 1915

20.When his first book of poetry in Urdu, Bang-i Dara published?

Ans: 1924

21.Bal-i Jibril published in 1935 and Zarb-i Kalim in?


22.All India Muslim League, Allahabad Session presided by him in?

Ans: 1930

23.Iqbal’s six English lectures were published by the Oxford University Press in 1934 in the book?

Ans: The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam.

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