Admission Testing Service IMAT Sample Multiple Choice Questions of Physics Math

Admission Testing Service IMAT Sample Multiple Choice Questions of Physics Math

1.Which physical quantity can be measured in joules per meter?

kinetic energy


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2.A ball is projected vertically upwards and then falls back to its original position. Once projected, the ball experiences only a single force, downwards, due to a constant gravitational field strength of 10 N/kg.

Here are three statements about the ball:

1  When the ball is moving upwards it loses kinetic energy and gains potential energy.

2  The magnitude of the ball’ s acceleration increases as it falls.

3  No vertical forces act on the ball when it is at its maximum height.

Which of the statement(s) is/are correct?

2 and 3 only

none of them

1 and 2 only

3 only

1 only

3.A student has three 6.0 Ω resistors that can be connected together in any configuration. What

are the maximum and minimum resistances that can be obtained by using one or more of these

three resistors?

[Assume the connections between the resistors have negligible resistance, the temperature of

the resistors is constant, the resistors are used in a d.c. circuit and none of the resistors is


maximum resistance: 6.0 Ω; minimum resistance: 2.0 Ω

maximum resistance: 12 Ω; minimum resistance: 0.50 Ω

maximum resistance: 6.0 Ω; minimum resistance: 0.50 Ω

maximum resistance: 18 Ω; minimum resistance: 6.0 Ω

maximum resistance: 18.0 Ω; minimum resistance: 2.0 Ω

The straight­ line graph given by the equation x/4+y/6=1 intersects the x ­axis at A (a,0) and the y­ axis at B (0,b). A circle passes through A and B and has a diameter AB.

What are the coordinates of the centre of the circle?

(2, 3)

(3, 2)

(6, 4)

(4, 6)

(0, 0)


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