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Pakistan Studies MCQs Notes for PPSC Tests Exams

• Who amongst the following were the first to invade India? Arabs
• Real name of Mohd: bin Qasim was Amadudin Mohammad (Pillar of Deen).
• Mohd: Bin Qasim was nephew and son-in-law of Hajjaj bin Yousuf the Governor of Iraq (Omayad Period). He came to Sindh with 12 thousand men.
• Mohd: bin Qasim conquered Sindh during Ummayads.
• Siskar was Waziir of Dahir.
• Mohd: bin Qasim tortured to death in Iraq by Sulaiman.
• The Abbasid governor Hisham came to Sindh in 757 A.D.
• Shabudding Ghori was the founder of Islamic State in India.
• Qutubudin Aibk was the founder of slave dynasty after Ghoris.
• Ghiyasuddin Tughluq was the first sultan of Tughluq dynasty.
• Aurangzeb reimposed ‘Jaziya’?
• Ibn Batutah visited India in reign of Muhammad-bin Tughluq
• Babur used artillery in warfare.
• Emperor Shahjahan= Khurram Shihab-ud-din
• Akbar prohibited the practice of Sati?
• Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya’s Dargah is located at Delhi.
• Baba Farid Gang Shakar was the first Punjabi poet.
• Waris shah is called the ‘Shakespeare of Punjabi literature’.
• Tomb named Khawaja Moin ud Din Chisti is in Ajmer.
• Hazrat Bullay Shah was a famous Sufi poet of Punjabi language. His tomb is in the city of Kasur.
• Thatta was the capital city of Sindh during Argons and Turkans
• Mohd: bin Tughlaq introduced tokens currency firstly.
• Akbar the Great was born in Umar Kot.
• Shalamar Bagh was built by Shah Jahan (Shahabuddin Mohd: Shah Jahan) (also called Shahzada Khuram)
• Jahan Ara begum was the daughter of Shah Jahan
• Mehmood set out on Somnath on17 Oct: 1024 A.D.
• 1st battle of Tarrin was fought b/w Mohd: Ghouri & Rajput (1191), Ghori was defeated. In 1192 A.D, the 2nd battle of Tarrin, Ghori wins.
• Ahmed Shah Abdali was the King of Kabul.
• Ahmed Shah Abdali defeated Marhatas in 1761.
• Pan Islamism introduced by Jamaludding Afghani.
• Nadir Shah of Iran invaded Delhi during the period of Mohd: Shah Rangila (The Moughal Emperor).
• Original name of Tippu Sultan was Nawab Fateh Ali.
• 4th May 1799 was the day of Shahadat of Tippu Sultan.
• The original name of Sultan Siraj Doullah (the Nawab of Bengal) was Mirza Mohd:
• Battle of Plassey was fought in 1757 b/w Clive and Siraj-ud-Daula which established British rule in Bengal.
• Sindh was annexed by Birtish in 1847 and was separated from Bombay in 1935 vide India Act 1935.
• First war of freedom was fought in 1757 b/w Siraju Doullah and Rober Clive.
• Sh. Ahmed Sirhandi is known as Majaddid Alf Sani.
• Sheikh Ahmad Sirhandi was born in 1564.
• Mausm Khan, soldier of Titu Mir was sentenced to death.
• Hajatullah al-Balaghah written by Shah Waliullah.
• Shah waliullah born in 1703. Shah Waliullah died in 1763.
• Shah Alam II was an ally of Mir Qasim in the Battle of Buxar.
• During Jehangir’s reign Sir Thomas Roe and Captain Hawkins visited Moghul court to secure commercial privileges.
• Real name of Shah Waliullah was Ahmed and his historical name was Azimuddin.
• Haji Shareetullah of Bengal was the founder of Farazi Tehriz in 1802. Farazi Tehriz meant to pay more attention on fundamental of Islam.
• Syed Ahmed of Rai Brelli (Oudh) was the founde of Jehad Tehrik against Sikhs. He was martyred at Balakot (NWF) in 1831.
• Battle of Buxar was fought in 1764.
• Haji Shariat Ullah was born in 1781
• The main aim of Brahma Samaj was Reform in Hinduism.
• Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded Brahma Samaj.
• Ani- Muslim Arya Samaj (1877) was founded by Dayanand Sirasoti. Arya Samaj was founded in 1875 (chk)
• In 1805, British made Sri Lanka a colony.
• British annexed NWFP in 1849.
• Wardha scheme written by Zakir Hussain.
• Sati was abolished by Lord William Bantink.
• First census in India made during the period of Lord Mayo.
• Moen-jo-DAro & Herapa discovered in 1922.
• Sir John Marshal ordered digging of Moen jo Daro in 1922.
• East India Company was formed in 1600 in London.
• In India French East India company was established in 1664.
• Raishmi Romal campaign started by Ubaidullah Sindhi before war of Independence.
• War of Independence started on 7th May, 1857 from Delhi.
• Lord Canning was the Governor General of India during Sepoy Mutiny.
• In India the first gate of enterance of Europeans was Bengal.
• At Meerath firstly the war of independence was fought.
• War of independence started on 9th May, 1857.
• The first Viceroy of the subcontinent was Lord Canning.
• Queen’s Proclamation was made in 1858.
• Indian National Congress made by Allan O. Hume in 1885.
• First president of Congress was W.C. Benerjee.
• 72 members attended the first meeting of Congress at Bombay out of them only 2 were Muslims.
• Warren Hastings was the first Governor General of Bengal.
• Hindi-Urdu controversy started in 1867.
• Mohsin-ul-Mulk founded Urdu Defence Association.
• Syed Ahmed Khan born on 17th Oct: 1817 in Delhi & died March 241898 at Ali Gargh.
• Sir Syed is buried in Ali Garh Muslim University.
• Tahzibul Ikhelaque was published in 1870. (1867 chk)
• Asrar-us-Sanadeed was compiled by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
• Sir Syed wrote Loyal Mohammandan’s of India & Causes of Indian Revolt.
• Hayate-e-Javed is written by Maulana Hali about Sir Syed.
• In Indai English education was first initiated in Bengal in 1835.
• Shah Waliullah was born in Delhi.
• Madressah Rahimiya was established by Shah Abdul Rahim.
• Scientific society was established in 1863.
• Albert Bill was presented in 1883
• NWFP was separated from Punjab by the British in 1901, Lord Curzon was then the viceroy and GG of British India.
• Mohammadan Educational Conference was formed on 27 Dec: 1886 by Sir Syed.
• Muhammadan Literacy Society of Calcutta founded in 1860.
• “Indian Patriotic Association” was founded in 1861.
• Nidwatul Ulema (1884) was founded by Molvi Abdul Ghafoor Qasim Nativi. Nadvat-ul-Ulema was founded in 1894 and Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor was its founder.(chk)
• Darul-ul Deoband (1867) was founded by Mohd: Qasim Nanavatavi.
• MAO College founded on Jan: 8, 1877 and inaugurated by Governor General Lord Lyton.
• Present Sindhi alphabets made by Sir Barter Frere in 1883.
• Anjuman-e-himayat-Islam was founded in 1884.
• Sindh Madrasa built by Hassan Ali Afandi on 1st Sep: 1885.
• DJ (Diwan Dayaram Jethmal) Science College was opened by Governor of Bombay Lord Reay on 17th Jan: 1887.
• Islamia High School Peshawar was founded in 1890.
• Muslim Aligargh University was established in 1920.
• Treaty of Amritsar took place in 1876.
• Kashmir was sold to Gulab Singh in 1845.
• NWFP was given status of province in 1901.
• Shakespeare (not William Shakespeare) was the governor of Banarus.
• Mohammadan Political Association was formed in 1903.
• Partition of Bengal announced on 1st Sept: 1905 & implemented on 16 Oct: 1905 by Lord Curzon.
• Partition of Bengal annulled: 10th Dec: 1911 by Lord Hardinge.
• Swadeshi movement was started against Partition of Bengal.
• Bengal divided in East Bengal (Muslim Bengal) & West Bengal (Hindu Bengal) in July 1905 by Lord Curzon. Capital of Muslim Bengal was Dacca and that of Hindu Bengal was Calcutta.
• The partition of Bengal was annulled on 12th Dec: 1911 by King George-V and Queen Marry.
• The president of Simla Deputation (1st Oct: 1906) was Agha Khan III and secretary was Mohsanul Mulk.
• Muslim League founded on 30 Dec: 1906 at Decca.
• ML was formed in the annual session of Muslim Educational Conference in Decca with the proposal of Nawab Salimullah.

• The HQ of ML was established at Lucknnow.
• Initial membership of ML was 400.
• Mohd: Ali Johr wrote the constitution of ML: The Green Book.
• Inagural session of ML was presided by Nawab Samiullah.

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