UHS Postgraduate Entrance Test Past Papers

Postgraduate Entrance Test Test Format and Pattern. Model and Sample Papers

The University shall conduct a Postgraduate Entrance Test for admission to M.Phil,Masters & Clinical Diplomas being offered on-campus and/or
at affiliated institutions.

1. Time allowed for the test shall be 2 hours. Total marks shall be 100. It shall consist of 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs) divided into the following four sections:

English – 40 MCQs

Computer/ I.T. Skills – 15 MCQs

Research Methodology – 15 MCQs

Analytical Reasoning – 30 MCQs

2. The pass marks of the test are 50 per cent

Postgraduate Entrance Test shall be mandatory for the applicants desirous of seeking admission to on-campus programmes as well as those being offered at its affiliated institutions. However, admission in affiliated institutions shall be carried out by the concerned institutions. It shall be the responsibility of the concerned institution to ensure the registration/accreditation status of its programmes.