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Sociology Multiple Choice with Questions Answers Practice Exercise Test

Sociology Multiple Choice with Questions Answers Practice Exercise Test

Important Solved MCQs

1۔ Qualitative Data Means:
 Expressed in words

2) A Likert scale emphasizes

3. When the researcher asks the respondent face to face questions, this method is called
 Interview Schedule

4) Endogamy is the marriage among certain relatives.

5. ———– Is the process by which people learn all patterns of
social life.

6. According to ——- all societies across the world are stratified.

7) Biological characteristics distinguishing male from female is called ——

8) A family consisting of step relations is called :
 Extended family

9) Power that people consider legitimate is known as

10. Mugging, rape and burglary are examples of ——- crimes.
general crimes

11. A norm is always enforced by sanctions.

12) Society is the largest and most complex group that sociologists study.

13) Social structure of a society is the network of ————-
Compliance to norms

14. Polygamy means ——————
 Several Marriages

15. Demography means ————-:
Human Population

16) ———— is striving for equal treatment of women and men and for abolishing inequality.:

17. WID approach believes in:
Incorporating women in development activities

18. Is Pakistan a signatory of CEDAW?

19) Symbolic behavior of a person means ————
Meaningful behavior

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