Senior Teacher Test Pattern Syllabus Past Paper

Senior Teacher Test Pattern Syllabus Past Paper & MCQs Questions with Answers. FPSC Jobs Senior Teacher / Lecturer / Subject Specialist (BS-17), Directorate General of Special Education, Ministry of Human Rights.

Qualifications and Test Pattern for Senior Teacher Positions in Special Education

The role of a Senior Teacher in Special Education demands a unique blend of qualifications and expertise to cater to the diverse needs of students with disabilities. Aspiring candidates aiming to excel in this significant field must be well-acquainted with the required qualifications and the test pattern involved in securing this crucial position.

Qualifications Required:

1. Educational Background: Candidates must possess a Second Class or Grade “C” M.A/ M.Ed in Special Education or an equivalent qualification from a recognized University within Pakistan or abroad. Alternatively, individuals with a Second class or Grade ‘C’ Master’s Degree or equivalent, coupled with a one-year diploma in Special Education, are also eligible to apply.

Senior Teacher Test Pattern:

The evaluation process for the Senior Teacher role follows a well-structured test pattern, primarily comprising an Objective Type Test with a focus on two distinct parts:

Part-I: English (20 marks)
This section assesses the candidate’s grasp of English language fundamentals, comprising Vocabulary, Grammar Usage, and Sentence Structuring. A strong foundation in these areas is essential to secure a good score in this segment.

Part-II: Professional Test (80 marks)

This extensive section examines a spectrum of topics directly related to the realm of Special Education. It covers a wide array of subjects, including:

1. Educational System in Pakistan: Understanding the educational framework within the country, its policies, and structures.
2.Educational Guidance & Counselling: Knowledge of counseling techniques and guidance methodologies tailored for individuals with special needs.
3.Basic Concepts in Special Education: Fundamentals of special education, encompassing its principles and core concepts.
4.Service Delivery Models in Special Education: Familiarity with various service delivery models catering to individuals with diverse special needs.
5.Early Childhood Development of Special Persons: Insights into the developmental stages and requirements of individuals with disabilities during their early years.

The test further delves into Disability Specific Teaching, covering:
Sensory Impairment: Strategies and approaches concerning visual and hearing impairments.
Physical Impairment: Understanding and addressing motor impairment issues.
Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders: Proficiency in dealing with these specific conditions.
Other Intellectual/Academic Exceptionalities: Strategies to address diverse academic exceptionalities.

Moreover, the examination encompasses crucial areas such as Assistive Devices for Special Education, Teaching Strategies for Special Children, Classroom Assessment in Special Education, and Management/Administration of Special Education.

Preparing for the Senior Teacher; it is good idea to examine Senior Teacher Test Pattern Syllabus Past Paper carefully. Special Education demands a comprehensive understanding of diverse subjects, specialized teaching methodologies, and an empathetic approach towards students with unique needs. Prospective candidates are advised to diligently prepare across these multifaceted domains to excel in the examination and serve effectively in this noble profession.