SBA First Term English Past Papers Grade 8 with Key pdf

School Based Assesement SBA First Term English Past Papers Grade 8 with Key pdf. SBA First Term English 8 Class Sample & Model Papers. SBA English Past Papers Solved MCQS Objective Notes.


First Term English Grade 8

Objective = 10 MCQs (10×1.5=15 Marks) and Subjective = 35 Marks, Total = 50 Marks / Time = 1 Hour 30 Minutes

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Question No.1 : Identify the word containing a ‘Triphthong’ from the given sentence. ‘Teachers should inspire the students to achieve great things.’
(a) Teachers (b) Inspire (c) Achieve (d) Things

Question No.2 : Form an ‘Adjective’ from the underlined verb. ‘God helps those who help themselves.’
(a) Helped (b) Helpless (c) Helper (d) Helplessness

Question No.3 : Identify the sentence with the correct use of ‘Reflexive Pronoun’.
(a) They managed themselves well in the crisis.
(b) They managed yourself well in the crisis.
(c) They managed ourselves well in the crisis.
(d) They managed myself well in the crisis.

Question No.4 : Identify the sentence with the use of ‘Uncountable Noun’.
(a) Do not waste your time.
(b) He bought a beautiful watch.
(c) I like to watch TV in my room.
(d) He is an example for others.

Question No.5 : Identify the ‘Figure of Speech’ used in the sentence. ‘I waited for you at the station for years.’
(a) Alliteration (b) Assonance (c) Hyperbole (d) Simile

Question No.6 : What is the meaning of the given ‘Proverb’? ‘Charity begins at home’.
(a) You should take care of your family before helping people.
(b) You should always ignore your family before helping people.
(c) Doing charity is a good process because it helps other people.
(d) Doing charity is a bad process because it helps other people.

Question No.7 : The peon _________ the bell before the period finished.
(a) had rung (b) has rung (c) rung (d) ring

Question No.8 : What is the meaning of ‘Harsh’?
(a) Severe (b) Lovely (c) Pleasant (d) Comfortable

Question No.9 : Fill in the blank with the correct ‘Adverb of Time’. ‘He will get a prize____________.’
(a) today (b) then (c) recently (d) yesterday

Question No.10 : What is the plural of ‘Quiz’?
(a) Quizs (b) Quizzes (c) Quizes (d) Quizies


Question No.11 : Read the paragraph given below and: Marks (10)

1. Create a title for the paragraph related to the main idea. Marks (3)
2. Accurately summarize 1/3rd of the given text. Marks (7)

Instructions: Your summary must describe all key ideas from the paragraph. Do NOT include opinions or personal information in the summary. Use correct
grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a famous social worker. Abdul Sattar Edhi was not a common man, but he had presented remarkable services to mankind. Once Edhi said
that people had become educated, but they did not try to become better humans. He was a selfless man. He had a mission to serve humanity. He started his
mission with a very small amount but he had a strong faith in God. He was the richest poor man. Abdul Sattar Edhi founded the Edhi Foundation in 1951. This
foundation is working in different cities of Pakistan.This Edhi foundation provides the largest ambulance service in the world . This service is available on an
international scale.The world is rich because of heroes like Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Question No.12 : *Read the given paragraph and answer the following questions. Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Marks (13)

Smog is a type of air pollution. The term smog is derived from two words smoke and fog.There are two main types of smog. These are Sulfurous smog and
photochemical smog. Sulfurous smog is caused by using fossil fuels that have Sulphur.Photochemical smog mainly occurs in urban areas having large numbers of
vehicles. It does not require fog or smoke. Its main reason is nitrogen oxides. Smog causes serious problems for people. It decreases the visibility level to zero
and makes people unable to go outside for their chores. Due to its dangerous components, smog can cause serious health problems to humans such as asthma,
lung infections, and skin cancer. We should reduce the use of personal cars. We should walk or use public transport whenever possible, to increase the quality of
the air we breathe in.

Q.1) What do you understand by the term smog? Marks(2)
Q.2) What are the causes of photochemical smog? Marks(2)
Q.3) Write any two harmful impacts of smog. Marks(2)
Q.4) Suggest a suitable title for the paragraph. Marks(2)
Q.5) How we can reduce the level of smog in the air? Marks (3)
Q.6) Name two more factors other than smog, which are causes of air pollution. Marks (2)

Question No.13 : Listening, Speaking and Reading Question: Marks (12)

(a): Listening and speaking Marks (08)
Instructions for students:
1. Listen to the instructions of the teacher and perform the activity. (Marks 4)
2. After the activity repeat the instructions given by the teacher in four sentences. (Marks 4)

(b): Reading fluency Marks (04)
Instructions for students:Your teacher will show you a paragraph. Read it with the correct pronunciation. You will be given sixty seconds to read the paragraph.

Answer Key Objective Part: b , a , a , a , c , a ,a ,a ,a , b