SBA First Term English Past Papers Class 7 with Key pdf

School Based Assesement SBA First Term English Past Papers Class 7 with Key pdf. SBA First Term English 7 Class Sample & Model Papers. SBA English Past Papers Grade 7 Solved MCQS Objective Notes.


First Term English Grade 7

Objective = 10 MCQs (10×1.5=15 Marks) and Subjective = 35 Marks, Total = 50 Marks / Time = 1 Hour 30 Minutes

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Question No.1 : Identify the correct ‘Syllabic Division’ of the word ‘Imagine’.
(a) Im/ag/ine (b) Ima/gi/ne (c) I/mag/ine (d) Imag/in/e

Question No.2 : Identify a word with ‘Silent Letter’ in the given sentence. ‘Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.’
(a) Every (b) Mountain (c) Reach (d) Climbing

Question No.3 : Read the given sentence and point out the meaning of underlined word. ‘It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.’
(a) Copy (b) Want (c) Value (d) Choose

Question No.4 : The frog in the pond sits on ______________ lily pad.
(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) any

Question No.5 : He has been playing basketball ___________ he was a child.
(a) since (b) for (c) from (d) of

Question No.6 : Which of the following sentence shows the ‘Attributive Position of Adjective’?
(a) My sister is cooking food.
(b) This soup tastes delicious.
(c) Your brother was so helpful.
(d) Haroon is a great teacher.

Question No.7 : Choose a ‘Declarative Sentence’ among the following.
(a) Don’t forget to feed the parrot.
(b) Please board the train immediately.
(c) The cat is sleeping on the couch.
(d) Always respect your teachers.

Question No.8 : Identify the sentence with the correct use of ‘Apostrophe’.
(a) The cars windscreen’ is foggy. (b) The car’s windscreen is foggy.
(c) The cars winds’creen is foggy. (d) The cars windscreen is’ foggy.

Question No.9 : The given hints are so clear that ______ is hard to miss any detail.
(a) them (b) they (c) it (d) itself

Question No.10 : Complete the sentence to make it of ‘Present Perfect tense.’
‘Two Pakistanis ___________ the Nobel Peace Prize.’
(a) has won (b) have won (c) is winning (d) was winning


Question No.11 : Read the given mind map and write a paragraph of ten sentences on the “Quaid-e-Azam”. Use
correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Marks (10)

Question No.12 : *Read the paragraph carefully and answer the questions. Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Marks (13)
Hockey is an ancient game that is played for years. The game is always played with a stick and a ball. Before 1272 B.C, it was played in Ireland and during 600
B.C ancient Greece used to play it. Pakistan is one of the most successful national field hockey teams in the world with a record of four Hockey World Cup wins (in 1971, 1978, 1982, and 1994). The Pakistan Hockey Federation is the governing body for the support of field hockey in Pakistan. It is affiliated with the
International Hockey Federation (FIH). Gojra is the only City in the World that has produced the highest number of athletes (112+ Pakistan International hockey
players) who belonged to the same city, which is a world record that belongs to Gojra.
Q.1) Where was the hockey played first? Marks (2)
Q.2) How many times Pakistan has been the world champion? Marks (2)
Q.3) Write the title of the paragraph.Marks (3)
Q.4) When did Pakistan win the World Cup for 4th time? Marks (3)
Q.5) What are the tools to play hockey? Marks (3)

Question No.13 : Listening, Speaking and Reading Question: Marks (12)

(a): Listening and Speaking Question. 4+4= 8 Marks (08)
Instructions for the students:
1. Listen to your teacher carefully and guess the profession correctly with the help of given hints.
2. Speak two sentences to
introduce yourself in the role of that profession. Marks(04)

(b): Reading fluency Marks (04)
Instructions for the students: Your teacher will show you a paragraph. Read it with the correct pronunciation. You will be given one minute to read the paragraph.

Objective Answer Key: a, d, a, c, a , d, c , b , c, b

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