Rangers Cadet College Chakri Entry Test Syllabus Pattern Class 8 MCQS Past Papers

Rangers Cadet College Chakri Entry Test Syllabus Pattern Class 8 MCQS Past Papers, Download 8th Class Admissions 2021-2022 Advertisement

Total Marks- 300

Part-1 English
Part-2 Math and General Science
Part-3 Urdu & Islamiat

Part-1 English Test Paper Pattern 100 Marks

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Synonyms, Prepositions, Articles, Adjectives, Verbs, Active/ Passive Voice
Do as directed, Degree of adjectives, Urdu to English Translation
English to Urdu Translation, Picture story writing

Math Paper Pattern syllabus:75 Marks
MCQS -15 Marks
Open ended Questions-65 Marks

Sets, Rational numbers, Decimals, Exponents, Square root of positive number
Algebric Expressions, Linear Equations, Circumference , Area, Volume

General Science:25 Marks

MCQS- 13 MCQS, Subjective-12 MCQS

Human organ system, Transport in humans and plants, Reproduction in plants
Envirnment and feeding relationship

Water, structure of an atom, Physical and chemical changes and process

Transmission of heat, Dispersion of light, Sounds waves
Circuit and electric change, Investigating the space

Part-3 Urdu Paper Syllabus 75 Marks

MCQS, alfaz mutazad, Mutradif, wahid jama, urdu jumly
Kalam milana, Ashar ki tashreeh, Poets ka nam diy gy ashar k

Islamiat Test Syllabus 25 Marks:MCQS, Surah ka tarjama

Note: Paper will be from 7th Class Course


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