Punjab Land Revenue Act Solved MCQs

Punjab Land Revenue Act Solved MCQs

These Questions are very helpful for ADLR Interview,Tehsildar,Revenue Officer

21. What is Shajra Kishtwar?   The map of a village showing the position and boundary of every field.

22. Under which section of Land Revenue Act 1967 mutation is laid down Section 42

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23. The post next higher to Patwari is  Kanungo

24. The register of crops inspection is called Khasra Girdawri.

25. What is the vernacular word for mutation? Intiqal

26. When the period of Khareef Crops starts in Pakistan? May and June

27. When the period of Khareef Crops ends in Pakistan? September and October

28. The Assessment of Land revenue remain in force for ——- years.   25

29. What is Karam? Unit of Length

30. What is Sarsahi? unit of Area

31. The un irrigated Land which depends on rainfall for cultivation is called Barani

32. The un irrigated Lands which are affected by by flooding or moisture of rivers are called Sailabi

33. The Land which is irrigated by canals is called Nehri

34. The Land which is irrigated from water of the Wells is called Chahi

35. The Land which is irrigated from water of the Tube Wells is called Nul-Chahi

36. The land which is irrigated from two sources;1.from wells & 2. from canals is called Chahi-Nehri

37. The land which is irrigated from tanks, jhils, streams, springs or kareezes is called Abi

38. The land which is irrigated from hill torrents is called Rod-Kohi or Bandeza

39. The Land which remains un-sown for 4 to 11 harvests is called Banjar Kham

40. The Land which remains un-sown for twelve harvests is called

41. The statement of customs respecting rights or liabilities in the estate is called Wajib-ul-Arz

42. A village note book is prepared for each Estate

43. A village note book is also called Lal Kitab

44. The period of Rabbi crops starts in Pakistan in the months of October & November

45. Period of Rabbi crops ends in April & May

46. Low lying land near rivers is called Khadir

47. A portion of crop which has failed to come to maturity is called Kharaba

48. A surcharge of 5 % on the revenue paid to village Headman is called Pachotra

49. The deputy of Tehsildar is known as Naib Tehsildar

50. What is Parta?

The assessment rate for land revenue is called Parta Banjar Jadid

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