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PU BSc Space Science Part-1 Part-2 Past Sample Model Papers

PU BSc Space Science Part-1 Part-2 Past Sample Model Papers

Model Paper

B.Sc. Space Science-A

Astronomy, Astrophysics and Meteorology

Note: Attempt any  FIVE question. All question carry equal marks.

Q-1  What are the different system of coordinates in astronomy?        15

Q-2  Write a detailed note on solar eclipse. Why solar eclipse does not occur?     15

every  month?

Q-3  (a) Derive a relation between luminosity and magnitude?        7.5

(b) What is Interstellar medium and how it affect stars?        7.5

Q-4  Write a detailed note on Jet streams. Discuss its segments and its       15

flight importance?

Q-5  What is humidity? Discuss its different types?          15

Q-6  Differentiate between sidereal and mean solar times?        15

Q-7  What is solar activity and its effects on earth?          15

Q-8  Define the following terms:                15

Celestial sphere   Small Circle     Great circle     Sunspots.

Supernovae     Sunspots     Parallex     Galaxy

Q-9  What is magnetosphere? Do not forget to draw and label its figure?      15

Model Paper

B.Sc. Space Science-B

Astronomy, Atmospheric Physics and Space Science

Note: Attempt any  FIVE question. All question carry equal marks

Q-1  What is the composition of dry air?  What is environmental lapse rate?     15

Also discuss difference modes of heart transfer?

Q-2  Discuss in detail Tephigram?                15

Q-3  (a) What is Ionosphere and its layers?            7.5

(b) Briefly discuss sunspot activity?              7.5

Q-4  Discuss in detail the cloud classification?            15

Q-5  Discuss different applications of remote sensing technology?      15

Q-6  Differentiate between aerial and satellite remote sensing?        15

Q-7  Write a detailed note on the working of multistage rocket?        15

Q-8  How a satellite is launched and injected into its orbit?         15

Write down all the maneuvers?

Q-9  (a) Discuss the principle of rocket?              7.5

(b) Write advantages and disadvantages of solid and liquid propellant?     7.5

Model Paper

B.Sc. Space Science-C


Note: Attempt any  TWO Practical. All  carry equal marks

Q-1  Draw constellations and identify the stars in it?          10

Q-2  Describe the use of telescope and how sunspots can be measured by telescope?  10

Q-3  To determine the precise time of sunrise on a given date and place?      10

Q-4  To determine the vertical distance between two points by means of sextant?  10

Model Paper

B.Sc. Space Science-D


Note: Attempt any  TWO Practical. All carry equal marks

Q-1  Determine the azimuth of Qibla at a given place?          10

Q-2  Describe the uses of different Meteorological instruments for observations   10

Q-3  In detail interpret the satellite picture?            10

Q-4  To calculate the precise time of Astronomical twilight on a given date and place?  10

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