PPSC Lecturer Interview preparation and Guidelines Questions

PPSC Lecturer Interview preparation and Guidelines Questions
Here is posted sample interview for Public Service Commissions
Dear Friends Your interview mostly will be focus on your master subject but as you know an interview has no syllabus so the pannal can ask you questions about current affairs,about your district,about your previous ob,about country issues,about your personality,can ask you give a lecture on any topic etc so please focus on your concerned subject for Lecturer English.Urdu,Math,Physics,Biology,Zoology,Chemistry,Botany, Home Economics,Political Science,Pakistan Studies,Computer Science,Economics,Statistics,Islamiat,History,Arabic,Persian,

Education,Punjabi,Sociology,Journalism,History,Civics,Social Work,Philosophy.Psychology,Library Science,Saraiki.

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Here is given a Sample Interview
Dear Fellows,
This is the detail of my interview.
There were Four People to conduct the interview.
One was Chairman or Member Public Service ).
One was Psychologist.
Two Subject Specialists.
The medium of Interview was English & Urdu.

It is not compulsory to answer in English. You can reply in Urdu as well.

First of all Chairman asked the following questions:-

1) Introduce yourself?

2) What is your Degree of Diplomacy & Strategic Studies, Is it like Political science?

3) Where did you get the Degree?

4) What is Electoral College?

5) One question was about current affairs

Psychologist asked me following questions:-
5) Whether the word ‘Pakistan’ was used in Lahore Resolution of

23rd March 1940 or not?

6) Parliamani jamhoriat ka pehla katil kon tha?

6) When One Unit was created?

7) When One Unit ended?

8) Who abolished One Unit?

9)Why abolished? ( Please note q-6 to 9 , member asking questions on

one topic and making questions from my answers)

10) Difference between Darulawam and darulalum ?

11) Who was president during Banazeer Bhutto 2nd term 1993-96?

12) When Dissolved National Assembly during Bhutto tenure?

13) Why Dissolved?

First Subject Specialist asked me following questions:-

14) Quomi salamti or Quomi yak jehti me fark biyan kren?

15) What is Diplomacy?

16) Shuttle Diplomacy kya he?

17) Pakistan ne America or China k darmyan kon c Diplomacy me

apna kirdar ada kya?

18) Diplomacy me Geneva Conventions ki kya ehmiat he or

ye kb huwe?

19) India or Pakistan k darmyan jo Diplomacy chal rhi he us

ka name kya he?

20) Diplomatic immunities kon kon c hen?

21) High Commissioner or Ambassador me kya farak he?

22) Pakistan ki salamti ko kon kon se khatrat lahak hen?

23) Pakistan ki salamti ko koi beruni khatrat bhi hen kya?
Second Subject Specialist asked me following questions:-

24) Who is President?

25) What are the Powers of President?

26) What is the Relationship of our President with Political Party?

27) President Farooq Leghari ka party se kya taluk tha?

28) Lahore Resolution kis ne pesh ki?

29) Who is Fazal ur Rehman?

30) What is the name of Political Party of Fazal ur Rehman.

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