PMS Syllabus for the Subject of Psychology Papers

Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore Combined Competitive Examination PMS Psychology Syllabus Updated on 23-03-2022


Total Marks : 100I. Introduction to Psychology

  • Definition, Evolution and Scope of Psychology
  • Schools of Psychology: Behaviorism, Psychoanalysis, Humanistic/Existential,
  • Cognitive and Biological School Recent
  • Trends and Specialties in Psychology

II. Sensation and Perception

  • Sensory Processes
  • Theories of Vision and Hearing
  • Theories of Taste Smell and Position
  • Senses of Touch Position and Balance
  • Nature of Perceptual Organization
  • Perception of Distance, Movement, Space, Depth, Color
  • Perceptual Constancy
  • Perception and Optical Illusions
  • Extrasensory Perception
  • Perceptual Development

III. Learning, Memory and Intelligence

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  • Learning
  1. Different Types of Learning:
  2. Classical Conditioning
  3. Operant Conditioning
  4. Observational Learning
  • Memory
  1. Short Term and Long Term memory
  2. Information Processing Theory
  3. Encoding, Storage and Retrieval
  4. Forgetting
  • Intelligence
  1. Extremes of Intelligence: Mental Retardation and Giftedness
  2. Theories of Intelligence
  3. Intelligence and Psychological Testing

IV. Biological Foundations of Behavior

  • Components of Nervous System
  • Structure and Functions of the Brain
  • Brain and Behavior
  • Endocrine System
  • Genetic Influences on Behavior
  • Nature, Nurture and Human Diversity

V. Child Development

  • Introduction to Child Development
  • Historical and Modern Views
  • Domains of Development
  • Theories of Child Development
  • Biological Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Psychological Development

VI. Motivation

  • Nature of Motives
  • Needs, Drives and Motivations
  • Concept of Homeostasis
  • Types of Motivation
  • Theories of Motivation
  • Role of Culture in Motives

VII. Emotions

  • Nature and Types of Emotions
  • Theories of Emotions
  • Biological and Psychological Changes in Emotions
  • Role of Endocrine Glands
  • Situational Influences and Cultural Practices
  • Frustration and Conflict

Total Marks: 100

I. Health, Stress and Coping

  • Health Impairing Behaviors: Smoking, Alcoholism, Poor Nutritional Habits, Lack of Exercise, Behavioral Aids.
  • Stress and its Impact on Health
  • Major Types of Stress
  • Physiological & Psychological Reactions to Stress

II. Personality Theories and Assessment

  • Definition of Personality
  • Theories of Personality Development
  • Psychoanalytical Theory
  • Social Learning Theory
  • Humanistic Theory
  • Traits Theory and Situations
  • Human Diversity
  • Personality Assessment

III. Psychological Disorders and their treatment

  • Abnormal Behavior; Myths, Realities and Controversies
  • Criteria of Abnormal Behavior
  • The Classification of Disorders
  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)
  • Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders and Personality Disorders
  • Treatment and Intervention
  • Stages of Psychotherapy
  • Goals of Psychotherapy
  • Family & Group Therapies

IV. Social Processes, Society and Culture

  • Social Roles and Rules
  • Social Norms and Conformity
  • The Process of Socialization and Attitude Development
  • Situational Effects on Social Behavior
  • Social Cognition and Relationships

V. Behavior and Group Dynamics

  • Leaders, Groups and Decision Making
  • Aggression, Altruism and Pro-social Behavior
  • Situational Influences and Cultural Constraints
  • Prejudice and Stereotypes
  • The Psychology of Conflict and Peace

VI. Research Methods in Psychology

  • Scientific Research in Psychology
  • Types of Research:
  • Experimental Studies: Placebo Effect and Use of Placebos in Experiments
  • Correlational Studies
  • Descriptive Studies
  • Case Studies
  • Surveys

VII. Ethical issues in Psychology

  • Confidentiality
  • Informed Consent
  • Relationships with Vulnerable Individuals
  • A General Concern for Ethical Practice

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