PMS Syllabus for the Subject of Philosophy Papers


Paper – I

Total Marks: 100

Western Philosophy

1. Introduction: Nature and Value of Philosophy

2. Greek Philosophers:
a) Plato: Metaphysics, Theory of Knowledge, Theory of State
b) Aristotle: Metaphysics, Theory of Knowledge and Logic

3. Modern Philosophers:
a) Descartes: Doubt as a key to certainty, Dualism
b) Spinoza: Doctorine of substance, Ethics
c) Locke: Representative Realism
d) Berkeley: Subjective Idealism
e) Hume: Skepticism
f) Kant: Transcendental Idealism
g) Hegel: Dialectical Method, Absolute Idealism
h) Nietzsche: Superman, Will to Power

4. Contemporary Philosophical Movements:
a) Existentialism: Jean Paul Sartre
b) Logical Positivism: Criterion of Verifiability, Refutation of Metaphysics
c) Neo-Pragmatism: Richard Rorty: Objectivity, Relativism and Truth

Paper – II

Total Marks: 100

Muslim Philosophy

1. Genesis and Development of Theological and Philosophical Thought in Islam

2. Muslim Theology
a) Mutazilites: Five Principles, Naturalistic Ethics
b) Asharites: Divine Attibutes, Createdness / Uncreatedness of the Quran, Human Freedom

3. Sufisim:
a) Origin of Sufisim and its Characteristics
b) Metaphysics: Wahdat al Wajud and Wahdat al Shuhud

4. Muslim Philosophers:
a) Ibn Sina: Concept of Being, Doctrine of Emanation, Psychology
b) Al Ghazali: Method, Refutation of Philosophers
c) Ibn Rushd: Reconciliation between Philosophy and Religion, Theory of Knowledge
d) Ibn Khaldun: Concept of History, Refutation of Metaphysics

5. Modern Reconstructionists of Islamic Thought:
a) Shah Waliullah: Metaphysics, Social Philosophy
b) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan: God, Man and Universe, Concept of Religion and Ethics
c) Allama Muhammad Iqbal: Epistemology, Doctrine of Ego, Concept of Ijtehad

6. Contemporary Debates:
a) Religious Modernism
b) Religious Fundamentalism
c) Islamization of Knowledge