NTS SBP State Bank of Pakistan OG-2 Sample Past Papers

NTS SBP State Bank of Pakistan OG-2 Sample Past Papers MCQS Test Prepartion pdf                     ...
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PMC MDCAT Chapter wise MCQS Entry Test 2021

PMC MDCAT Chapter/Unit wise MCQS Distribution Entry Test 2021

MDCAT MCQS 2021,PMC MCQS,PMC Practice Test 2021

80  Questions
S. No. Topic No. of Questions

Online MCQS Practice Tests

Multiple Choice Questions Tests With Answers,Online Free Tests for Entry Tests and Exams Preparation of Jobs. This website Page is particularly designed for Online ...
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Biology Most Important Solved 80 MCQS

1 Cell Structure and Function 6
2 Biological Molecules 6
3 Enzymes 3
4 Bio Energetics 6
5 Bio Diversity (Acellular Life/Variety of Life) 4
6 Prokaryotes 2
7 Protists and Fungi 2
8 Diversity among plants 1
9 Diversity among animals 2
10 Life Process in Animals and Plants (Nutrition/Gaseous Exchange/Transport) 7
11 Homeostasis 4
12 Support and Movement 4
13 Coordination and Control/Nervous and Chemical Coordination 4
14 Reproduction 3
15 Growth and Development/Development and Aging 5
16 Variation and Genetics/Inheritance 6
17 Chromosome and DNA/Nucleic acid and Protein Synthesis 4
18 Evolution 3
19 Bio Technology/Genetic Technology 5
20 Men and His Environment 3

Total 80

Pakistan Studies MCQs

Pakistan Studies Past MCQs, Pak Study Entry Test MCQs Papers, Pakistan Studies Objective Type Notes for Tests Exams ...
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Islamic Studies MCQs

Islamiat Solved MCQs Notes Past Papers Islamic Studies,Islamiat,Islamyat Past MCQs Notes for Preparation of Examinations PPSC Islamic Studies ...
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