Ploitical Science Solved MCQs Papers for CSS PMS NTS Examinations and Tests

(52) Who is the author of “Politics in Pakistan: The Nature and Direction of Change”?Khaild B Sayeed

(54) George H. Sabine is the author of:A history of Political Theory

(55) Plato is the author of:Republic

(57) ‘Political Science begins and ends with the state’ is said by:Professor Garner

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(58) ‘The city of god’ is the work of:St. Augustine

(59) The ideas of Aristotle are more acceptable to the West than Plato’s because he propagated:Rule of law

(60) He is known as the founding father of Utilitarianism:Jeremy Bentham

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61) “An essay concerning Human Understanding” is written by:John Locke

(64) “Political Science begins and ends with the state” is said by:Professor Garner

(65) Thyau’l-Ulum was the chief work of:Al Ghazali

(66) According to Aristotle which is the bad government of the rich: Oligarchy

(67) Constitutional classified as rigid and flexible in a book titled “Studies in History and Jurisprudence” was written by:Lord Bryce

(68) “Wealth of Nations” was written by”Adam Smith

(70) Which of these books represents the scheme of Plato’s Philosophy?The Republic

71) “Muqaddamah” was the great work of:Ibn Khuldun

(73 “Theory of Divine Right of King” was presented by King James of England in century:17th

(75) A discourse on the origin of Inequality and the social contract was presented by:Rousseau

(76) Sovereignty is which one of the following bases of the state:Spiritual

(77) Law is “the body of Principles recognized and applied by the state in the administration of justice” is said by:Salmond

(78) The term Propaganda acquired derogatory sense:After World War I

(79) The word “polis” means:A city state

(80) In which century Austinian theory of Sovereignty was refuted by Pluralists?20th

(82) Author of the book ‘Capital’ is”Karl Marx

(83) A voluntary union of sovereign and independent states is called:Federation

(84) Author of the book ‘Leviathan’ is:Thomas Hobbes

(85) “Reconstruction of Religion Thought in Islam” is written by:Allama Iqbal

(86) The author of the book ‘Stateman’ is:Plato

(87) “Justice is giving everyone his due” is said by:Aristotle

(88) The dissolution of Khilafat and the establishment of ‘Grand National Assembly” in Turkey was highly appreciated by:Allama Iqbal

(89) Author of the Book ‘Spirit of Islam” is:Syed Amir Ali

(90) The concept of ‘Separation of Powers’ was given by:Montesquieu

(91) Which of the political philosophers was more admitted by the American Founding Fathers, and his thoughts on the importance of private property were reflected in the drafting and historical development of the American Constitution.John Locke

(93) Who said “Law is the command of a determinate sovereign”?John Austin

(94) “Only the will of the sovereign can be the source of law”. Who said it? John Hobbes

(95) Those who are active against the very existence of state are known as:Anarchists

(96) The concept of ‘Surplus Value’ is given by:Marx

(97) In Plato’s Ideal State, one reaches at the pinnacle of the State order at the age of:35

98) Which one is the ‘supreme law of the land in USA’?Constitutional Law

(100) Fascism as a theory originated in:Italy

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