Pak Studies Solved MCQS for Pak Army Initial Test

Pak Studies Solved MCQS for Pak Army Initial Test Online Preparation Material download in pdf

1. When did the Hindi Urdu Controversy start?
(a) 1862
(b) 1866
(c) 1868
(d) 1867

2. When was the war of freedom was fought?
(a) 1856
(b) 1857 
(b) 1858
(d) 1854

3. Who gave the Presidential Address in the Resolution of Lahore (23rd March 1940)?
(a) Quaid-e-Azam 
(b) A.K Fazl-ul-Haque
(c) Ch. Rehmat Ali
(d) Allama Iqbal

4. State bank of Pakistan was inaugurated on:
(a) 1st July 1948
(b) 5th May 1949
(c) 14th August 1950
(d) 1st October 1951

5. The word “Pakistan” was coined by:
(a) Allama Muhammad Iqbal
(b) Quaid-e-Azam
(c) Chaudhary Rehmat Ali
(d) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

6. When did Allama Muhammad Iqbal delivered address at Allahabad?

(a) 1929
(b) 1933
(c) 1930
(d) 1940

7. Who was the first person who used the term “Two-Nation Theory”
(a) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
(b) Allama Iqbal
(c) Sir Agha Khan
(d) Quaid-e-Azam

8. Chaudhary Reh mat Ali published a pamphlet named “Now or Never in January?
(a) 1930
(b) 1931
(c) 1932
(d) 1933

9. Who presented the idea of a separate state for the Muslims in 1930.
(a) Liaquat Ali Khan
(b) Dr. Allama -Muhammad Iqbal
(c) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
( d) Abu I Ka lam Azad

10. Which is the second pillar of Islam is?
(a) Touheed and Prophet hood
(b) Namaaz
(c) Keeping fast
(d) Zakaat

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