NTS SBP Assistant Director OG-2 Jobs Syllabus Sample Papers

NTS SBP Assistant Director OG-2 Jobs Syllabus Sample Papers

State Bank of Pakistan Assistant Director OG-2 Jobs Syllabus MCQs Sample Papers Download 2022

Questions 1-3 are based on the following passage.
Young people must be educated in modern science, its methods and its mental attitudes. Without this education they will find the modern world utterly incomprehensible. But they cannot be good citizens of the world, or of their own national state, unless they are intellectually and imaginatively aware of the values which underlie human beliefs, motives and conduct. In this troubled period of human history, religion and the humanities are as vital as science to the education of good members of a good society.
1. “Incomprehensible” can best be replaced by:
A. understandable
B. explicable
C. reasonable
D. beyond your understanding
2. “Troubled period of human history” refers to:
A. primitive times
B. modern times
C. good times
D. bad times
3. The discussion of “values” in the passage serves primarily to illustrate
the importance of education of:
A. modern sciences
B. religion or humanities
C. religion and humanities
D. modern sciences along with religion and humanities

Each question below consists of a related pair of words, followed by five lettered pairs of words. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.
A. stenographer: typewriter
B. painter: brush
C. lawyer: brief
D. tailor: scissors
E. runner: sneakers

A. biography: accurate
B. melody: spoken
C. poem: rhythmic
D. anthem: patriotic
E. ballet: intricate
Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.
A. supplement
B. strange
C. direct route
D. amplification
E. understatement

Identify the word or phrase that needs to be changed for the sentence to be correct:
7. The chef herself will be creating the grand finale of the
A                                                B
celebration: an extraordinary cake smothered in strawberries and
being topped with freshly whipped cream. No error
C                                        D                                              E

8. If a = 2, b = 3, c = 4, then find the value of ab+bc+ca.
A. 22
B. 24
C. 26
D. 30
9. What should be added or subtracted from a2+ 4a to make it perfect square.
A. Adding 4
B. Subtracting 4
C. Adding 4a
D. Subtracting 4a
10.What number comes next in the series?
9 24 39 54 69 84 99 ?
A. 114
B. 106
C. 110
D. 124
E. 109
11.If 8514 stands for BEAD and 3165 stands for LATE then which of the
following option stands for the word TABLE?
A. 61835
B. 61853
C. 86145
D. 61358

The football coach at Government College, Faisalabad noticed that some of his players were frequently late to morning football practices and seemed somewhat lethargic after they did arrive. He directed his assistant coach to look into the matter. The assistant coach reported back that most of the late
and less active players belonged to fraternities on campus which were renowned for their frequent and late-night parties. The head coach then prohibited all of his football players from being members of fraternities. He reported that this would ensure that his players would get to practice on
time and that they would have more productive practice sessions.
12.The head coach’s reasoning is not sound because he fails to establish which one of the following?
A. He fails to establish a system to monitor his players’ fraternity membership and to impose penalties for those who do not follow his new rule.
B. He fails to establish that his players are physically big and
strong enough to be successful football players.
C. He fails to establish that his new policy will ensure that at least
some of his football players will go to bed at a more reasonable
D. He fails to establish that his best football players did not
belong to fraternities anyway.
E. He fails to establish that the success of them fraternity system
will not suffer if the football players are precluded from
becoming members.

13.The major government policies that can be used to pursue its
macroeconomic goals are:
A. fiscal policy and debt policy
B. fiscal policy and monetary policy
C. fiscal policy, debt policy and monetary policy
D. fiscal policy, monetary policy and subsidies
14.The process of ‘Demutualization has recently been carried out in stock
exchanges of Pakistan, under:
A. The legal structure of an exchange whereby the ownership and
the management at the exchange are segregated from one
B. The legal structure of an exchange whereby the ownership, the
management and the trading rights at the exchange vests in
one person.
C. The legal structure of an exchange whereby the ownership, and
the trading rights at the exchange are segregated from one
D. The legal structure of an exchange whereby the ownership, the
management and the trading rights at the exchange vests only
with government.
15.In Pakistan, apex regulator of insurance sector is:
A. State Bank of Pakistan
B. Controller of Insurance
C. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
D. Ministry of Commerce
16.Which of the country is the member of BRICS?
A. Britain
B. Cuba
C. China
D. South Korea
17.Who is the Current Minister of Information and Culture in Punjab?
A. Fayaz ul Hassan Chouhan
B. Aleem Khan
C. Syed Sumsam Ali Bukhari
D. Taimor Khan

18.What are the two main types of Banking?
A. Commercial banking and Investment banking
B. Commercial banking and Islamic banking
C. Central banking and Commercial banking
D. Central banking and Investment banking
19.Which of the following Country boycotted OIC meeting of Council of
Foreign Ministers 2019?
A. Turkey
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Pakistan
D. Iran
20.The maturity of a loan varies from one to ten years is considered as:
A. long term loans
B. Short term loans
C. Medium Term Loans
D. Secured loans
E. Business Loans
21.The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan allows registered Afghan
refugees to open bank accounts in Pakistan on which date?
A. February 25, 2019
B. March 23, 2018
C. April 09, 2019
D. January 15, 2019

Q #. Right Choice
1 D
2 B
3 D
4 D
5 B
6 E
7 C
8 C
9 A
10 A
11 A
12 C
13 B
14 A
15 C
16 C
17 C
18 A
19 C
20 C
21 A

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