Motorcycle Registration Fee in Punjab Pakistan 2021

Motorcycle Registration Fee in Punjab Pakistan 2021, Honda CD 70, Honda Pridor, Honda CG 125,  Registration Fee 2021 excise Punjab.

It is very easy to calculate Motorcycle Registration fee for any model motorcycle. First of all you should keep two things to know, first Bike price on sale invoice and second is date of sale. Now I calculate Honda CD 70cc which price is 84500 and bought a week ago. Its registration fee will be calculated as following:

Registration fee=         845  ( Note: It will be 1% of price of any bike.)

Life time Token tax= 1500

Professional Tax=       200

Number Plate fee=     750

Card fee=                     530

Total=                           3825  

Note: For every bike life time token tax fee, professional tax, number plate fee and card fee will remain same. Now you can calculate easily.

I hope it will be helpful for you, for any confusion comment us.

Note: This registration fee is applicable if you register your bike within two month of purchased date, if you are late you will be fine 500 to 1000 approximately. Documents Required for Registration