2.8 update pubg mobile

2.8 update pubg mobile new features download free now. PUBG Mobile 2.8 update main highlights and features.


2.8 update pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile’s eagerly awaited 2.8 update is rolling out gradually from September 5th to September 7th, 2023. This update introduces the Zombie’s Edge themed mode, featuring mutants and new gameplay dynamics in Erangel, Livik, and Miramar.

Key Highlights:

1. Zombie’s Edge Mode: Face mutant hordes in the Aerolith lab and surrounding areas.

2. New Mutants: Berserkers with versatile attacks and Rippers, agile foes.

3. Mutation Gear: Equip Gauntlets for devastating slam attacks or Blades for agility and wide slashes.

4. Aerolith Lab & Outposts: Discover the core source of infection and a Maglev Hoverboard.

5. Halloweeks Updates: Unveil secrets as the match progresses.

6. PvE Gameplay Template: New challenges for both players and creators.

7. WOW Editor Updates: Enhancements for creative map design.

8. Classic Mode Improvements: Introducing the Dagger and more.

9. Season 14: Cycle 5 brings fresh missions and rewards.

Get ready for an action-packed experience! Download the update at pubgmobile.com or pubgmobileupdate.org.

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