Military College Cadet College Interview Questions

Military College Cadet College Interview Questions most important frequesntly asked. Military College Jhelum, Sui  and Murree Interview Questions, Cadet College Sargodha and Lower topa Interview questions.

Military College Cadet College Interview Questions

Dear students in an interview a panel usually check following three things of a candidate:

1. Confidence 2. Personality 3. Knowledge

Before going to interview take care of following three basics things:

1.Dressing should be decent having light colour.

2.Knowledge of current serving officers, basic general knowledge related
to Pakistan, islamic studies

3.Practice interview at home, body language should be polite.

When you enter in the room say,
May I come in Sir?

After entering say Aslam-o-Alikum

Also take permission to sit as, May I sit Sir?

When questions start , Answer the questions in short not long.If you do not know the answer
Say, Sorry Sir”, Do not tell a lie in an interview.

Some questions list is here:

Q. Introduce yourself?
Q. Father , Mother occupation?
Q. Family Members
Q. District information
Q. Islamiat related basic questions
Q. Forces current officers, ranks information
Q. Wars informations
Q. why join
Q. Nisha e Haiders informtions
Q. emotions and feeling questions
Q. basic general knowledge countries capitals, foreign ministers, heads, oic,uno information
Q. Cpac, Afghan situation current, china relations
Q. Pakistan general knowledge highest, largest, first etc geography of Pakistan
Q. Kashmir issue
Q. Palestian Issue
Q. Current Ministers, CM, Governors
Q. English related grammar, translate sentence
Q. Describe in five sentences any topic
Q. Abbreviations
Q. Basic computer knowledge
Q. Basic math questions percentage, ratio etc

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