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KPPSC Solved One Paper MCQs Tests Notes

KPPSC Solved One Paper MCQs Tests Notes,kppsc past papers solved mcqs pdf,Khyber Pakhtunkhaw Public Service Commission KPK PSC Solved MCQs Notes for Exams Tests Preparation

1.   Dalasi is the currency of?

a   france     b   usa    c   gambia      d    chad

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2.   which one is papulation day?

 11 july    b   12 july   c   13 july    d   14 july

3.   the first secertery genral of UNO is?

a   Thant    b   Trygre lie    c   Kurat weldone   d Sandome lee

4.   which country has largest army?

a    usa      b   china     c   france    d   brazil

4.   Mycology is the study of ?

a  Birds    b   Animals    c   Fungus    d   Bactaria

5.  MENA is the news agency of?

a   Egypt     b  France   C  Iran    d   Netherland

6.   Pakistan shares a border with China?

a   805  km   b  585 km   c   625 km   d  505 km

7.  Warsak dam is located in?

a Punjab     b   Nwfp    c Sindh   d  Baluchistan

8.   Blood contains % water?

a   80 %  b   90%  c   60%   d 70%

9.   when Hunza became a part of Pakistan?

a   1970    b   1971    c   1974    d   1976

10.   Lahore to Islamabad moterway is?

a   330 km   b   335  km   c   345  km   d   365  km

11.   indicate the number pakistan area wise in the world?

a  33th    b   34th    c    35th    d    36th

12.    an active group lamppost is found in?

a   india    b   bangladesh  c   iran   d   brazil

13.   the worlds most tea importing country is?

a  chaina   b russia  c brazil    d   siri lanka

14.   pakistan recognized people republic of china in?

1949    b   1950    c    1951    d   1952

15.   what is the synonym of Granish?

a    to harvest    b   decorate   c    select   d  pressure

16.  what is antonym of allure?

a   repulse     b    develop     c    entice      d     decoy

17.    what is the antonym of zest?

a   restive      b    callous     c     indifference     d     distaste   

18.    chose the correct spellings?

a    apilogue      b    apilog      c     apilogui      d    apelogue

19.   Subhay zindgi kis ki tasneef hay?

  rashad ul khairi    b   sar said   c    hakeem muhammd ali   d   mulana hali

20.    allam iqbal ki shairi ka majmoa Zaboray ajam kis san main shaiya hoa?

a    1926      b    1927     c    1928      d    1929

21.    mirza galib kab paida hoeay?

a    1798    b    1805     c    1797    d    1799

22.   Musadas k har band main kitnay misray hotay hain?

a   4     b    6     c    8    d   9

23.   allama iqbal nay qaiday azam ko jo khat likhay un ki tadad kia hay?

a      10       b    15      c    20     d    25

24.    mashhoor daram shakantla kis nay likha?

a   kali daas     b   parem chan    c   jahan aara begum    d    raam gopal


25.    Hazrat Jibraeel ka zikar Quraan pak main kitni baar aaya hay?

a       4      b    5      c    6    d     7

26.     Umal kitab kis sorah ko kehtay hain?

a    sorah Fateha     b   sorah   Yaseen    c  sorah  Rehman    d    sorah Ikhlas

27.    1/4 quraan kis surah ko kaha jata hay?

a    Al kafiroon      b    Al zalzalal   c    Al Ikhlas     d   Al  Naas

28.    Chand k 2 tukray karnay ka waqia kab paish aya?

a     2 nabvi    b    3 nabvi    c    4 nabvi   d    5 nabvi

29.    Islam k pehlay parcham ka rang kia tha?

a    Black     b    White    c    Yellow    d   Blue

30.   Aap (PBUH) ka last Gazwa kon sa tha?

 tabook     b   khandaq     c   ahzab     d   moota

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